Wednesday, May 18, 2011

StyleScrapbook reports from NYC!

This girl is something special.
A stunning beauty, long brown hair, and those fawn-eyed glaze.
It sounds like a dream, but Andy Torres (26) is actually a reality: positive attitude, a perfect and sweet English accent, great taste in fashion - but also in music (I especially adore her music inspired posts like this one), this young Mexican-but-living-in-Amsterdam girl works as a freelance stylist; but she is very well know as one of the most powerful and influential fashion blogger in Europe.

Just 3 years of blogging and her baby, StyleScrapbook, counts 15 thousands of visits each day.
She’s so inspiring that a lot of girls keep sending her their drawing about her figure, their fan-video, and tons of emails every single day, asking style tips or beauty suggestions. In fact it has been so hard to have this little chat with her, do you know how lucky you are having the chance to read this?
A vintage Moschino belt as a best friend, she’s close to the who’s who of the fashion blogosphere (Chic Muse and BryanBoy are way more than just Twitter Pals) and she dreams about moving to Paris.
I was really excited and honored while I was thinking about this interview and I really can’t wait to have the chance to meet her during the Milan or Paris Fashion Week this year, where our star will be for sure.
Modeling for her own today’s outfit shooting, she display her perfect body and a model off-duty attitude, but what I really love of Andy Torres is that she is a good photographer too, and a great video-maker (check her Youtube Channel, you won’t be disappointed).
Her style? It’s unbelievable. She can mix&match very different styles still keeping it very personal. Also she has a great talent: she could wear any brand (from H&M to Zara, from Asos to Burberry) and still look fabulous. Sometime I watch at her pictures, and while reading the brands she's wearing, I find myself staring at the screen yelling "Like what?? Is that H&M? Are you kidding me..?".

LS: Let’s start knowing the girl behind the scene. This morning you woke up and..?
I ran to my MAC to post todays outfit... The first thing I do every morning is get up, make a latte and turn on my MAC :D
 LS: What is a typical day in the life of Andy Torres?
It’s never the same, that’s the beauty of it... It goes from having an interview with a magazine, or visiting a showroom, traveling to a different city for a fashion event (like Fashion Week) or just chilling at home trying to get some work done (answering important emails, interviews, managing my online store, etc) I am always busy!
 LS: You are a Mexican girl living in Amsterdam. What role do your mexican roots play in your style and vision of the  world?
I am very proud of my roots and I think that the way people see the "mexican" in me, is through my personalty.
I am very bubbly and love talking and meeting new people, I try to stay positive and laugh a lot, which has help me enormously in this industry where is all about meeting new people.
Coming from a "small" city in Mexico and making my way through this world and industry has made me realize how much there still is to grow in the industry back home.
I always try my best to give show people that Mexicans can also have the passion for fashion and the touch for it, there is so much talent in Mexico and its important for me to show that.
LS: In a nutshell, your philosophy is this:
My life motto is: you create your own reality ... I am absolutely convinced of this, I do it every day.
LS: In moments of weakness you… 
Go and by chocolate :S hahah
LS: Let’s talk about StyleScrapbook. How did you get started blogging and what do you wish you’d known back then?
I started with a rush of inspiration, I didn't know It would take me this far, I had no idea! Although I am so incredibly flattered and grateful that I can inspire someone with the passion I have for the industry that I love.
For me StyleScrapbook is more than just a "Style blog", I want to show my readers that ANYBODY can make it, doesn't matter where you are coming from, I am from a small town in Mexico and I am still climbing my way up...All it takes is a dream, a passion and hard work!
LS: Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence? 
I think fellow bloggers like myself, because they all have "real styles" and its so inspiring to see how everyone translates trends to their personal styles.
LS: What item of clothing (if any) do you wish that more of us wore?
I get a lot of emails from tall girls like myself that don't dare wearing high heels because they feel subconscious about it so I say: GIRLS, WEAR HIGH HEELS AND ROCK THEM! :D
LS: Your fashion tip for the upcoming season?
Mix trends and garments, you don't have to renew your whole wardrobe, you just have to know how to mix and match ... and follow StyleScrapbook for some ideas! :D
LS: is famous for its attention to new designers: who are your favourite emerging designers and what is it that you love about them?
I love Alexander Wang because of his fresh edgy touch, he has to be my favorite emerging designer for sure!
LS: What are your upcoming projects? 
I cant give too much away, but there are some exciting things coming for me and the blog!

Take a sneak peak to Andy's style watching this little video made with some Andy’s amazing pictures.
Don't forget to follow Andy at and on Twitter

You guys probably don’t have enough time to read a super long text, but the truth is, our NY fashion Week adventure can’t be summed up in a small sentence.
As you know, Fashiolista made it possible for me and some of my blogger friends to fly to the Big Apple for Fashion Week and it was even better than I could’ve ever imagined.
The past 7 days are some of the most fun, amazing days I have experienced. We went to the shows, attended the Bloglovin’ awards, had amazing group dinners, went after-party hopping and met up with some of my long time cyber blogging friends, not to mention, we were in one of the most amazing cities ever!
NYC has to be “The place to be” and undoubtedly, this has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life as a blogger, all thanks to Fashiolista!
I leave you with few of my “NY Fashion Week diary” pics and last but not least, are you already following me?