Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Amazing Andy from stylescrapbook

Every week we put one Fashiolista in the spotlight because we love her style. This time it’s Andy from famous fashionblog
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With my purchase of the book Fashion Blogs, I found one stylish and great fashion blogger missing: the Mexican Andy Torres, known for her exceptional personal fashion sense and dazzling style. On, over a million fashion freaks every month gasp at her always stylish outfits and looks. After spotting her at the Readytofish_ show last week, I decided it was time to get to know this girl better and give all you fashiolistas an insight in the wonderful world that Andy shares with us every day.
I am waiting for miss Torres in a cute coffeesalon (Andy’s suggestion) with lots of black and white photos on the wall, Italian prima donnas posing with stunning and glamourous Italian men, somewhere in the ’50s. However, when Andy walks in, I’m back in 2010 immediately. She has the longest legs I’ve ever seen, and with a huge smile she comes strolling towards me. After we’ve ordered our coffees, she gets comfi on her barstool and starts to chat. No need for me to ask any questions; Andy’s story is movie-like and two hours have passed before we know it.
Sharing a secret
“I am from a small town in Mexico, but I was always a bit different. Being very tall for Mexican standards, and always wearing heels, which of course made me even taller, always made me feel like an outsider. I’ve always known that I would end up in fashion though, the when and how was just never clear. My parents supported me, although they also thought it would be difficult to actually make it in a world they considered superficial.” As if sharing a secret she adds, smiling: “But I must tell you that I’ve encountered so many lovely people. I have more stories about nice and friendly talks with people in the industry, than negative ones. Especially in Paris, where they say it’s even tougher, people were truly nice.”
Making it happen
She came to Amsterdam after falling in love with her current boyfriend, whom she met in Canada. “I started doing a fashion course here, after finding it rather difficult in Mexico to fit in. I studied fashion design back home, but always felt like I was capable of so much more, and that I was wasting my time there.” This might sound arrogant coming from anyone else, but when Andy says it, it makes complete sense. She’s the most sincere person I’ve ever met and her explanation for her dream story is simple: “I read the book The Secret, but thought that was more about gaining tangible things you really want, like a bike or a house. Then I decided to read books about the philosophy that everything is reachable as long as you’re visualizing it happening to you. I started to think that things happen to me because I make them happen. It’s the simple law of attraction. I honestly believe that this is why all these amazing things are finding their way to me right now. I am making them happening myself.”
Counting the days
Andy’s a strong believer in following your dreams and letting nothing stand in your way. “Don’t let any negative thoughts in, only think positive.” That this is working for her is illustrated by her trip to Copenhagen in “only 23 days, I’m counting!”. “A couple days ago I told one of my friends that I would really like to go to Scandinavia, and two days later I received an email if I wanted to cover some shows during Copenhagen Fashion Week! I am so excited to go, I can hardly wait!”
Life before and after Paris
She also talks about her invite for Paris Fashion Week: “My goal has always been to live and work in Paris. I’d rather freelance than work in an office though, so I hope to continue on the same way I’m working now, but in France. Last Fashion Week my dream of going to the shows became reality, as I was invited to see a couple shows. On my way to France I remember thinking: this will either make or break my career. I was very self conscious and scared that big shots in the industry would wonder who the hell I was. But when I arrived, suddenly thirty paparazzi’s wanted to take MY photo. I was walking next to Miroslava Duma and they wanted to photograph me, a simple blogger!  I was shocked, I never had expected to be this big anywhere, let alone in Paris, during Fashion Week! It still surprises me everytime someone wants to take my photo. I never thought things would take off like this.” After Fashion Week in Paris things really took a major lift for Andy: “I now refer to my life before Paris and after”, she laughs. “Things changed majorly. It was as if overnight suddenly everyone was reading my blog, checking my outfits and wondering what today would be my look.”
Calling for an assistentShe admits that not everyone is always friendly: “Some people tend to send me rude messages, sexually tinted or just scary ones. I don’t have a problem with constructive criticism, as long as it’s with good intention.” Entrusting: “But most people are very positive and super nice.” Andy’s readers regularly send her drawings or video’s: “I get the most amazing drawings, that I am so thankful for. I truly love my readers, without them my blog could never work. I do get so many e-mails these days, I can hardly keep up with answering everything! I try though, but sometimes things get lost in the mail. Like a confirmation for my flight to Copenhagen. I never got that e-mail, and so I never answered to it, which obviously looked very unprofessional. Perhaps it’s time for an assistant?!”, she concludes with a big laugh.
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Today Andy’s wearing a black printed tee by Maison About for About, a denim shirt by Zara, cycling shorts (“I’m finding myself a little obsessed with cycling shorts lately!”), black leather studded shoes by Zara and a black skulled printed back pack by Storets.
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