Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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  • Cheffy Dave
    Apr 22, 03:17 PM
    Because part of releasing a new, backwards approaching, IGP in the 13" MBP required saving face for both its MacBook "PRO" name and Intel's IGP capabilities itself.

    If the resolution is upgraded to 1440x900, the IGP is going to perform worse in comparison to the prior 13" MBP...

    I also fear Apple's ridiculous 10.6.7 downgrade was somehow to show the MBA's IGP isn't as bad as it is going to be with SB IGP. Look at OpenGL performance on it, as it dropped 30% from 10.6.6. Now, we have seen Apple screw these things up before, but they also market their new products based upon prior products and list an OS X version tested on the prior gen. If they reverse course with 10.6.8 or 10.7, in the new MBA, then they might show only a 20% loss in IGP performance vs. the prior Nvidia 320m... when in reality, it might be more like a 50% plus loss in performance.

    The big thing here, that NOBODY likes to think about is the 13" MBP uses a standard voltage CPU, while the MBA will use either ULV and LV or just ULV depending on who we believe. The ULV SB IGP operates at a greater than 50% loss than the Nvidia 320m. We can see this from competing products, that yes are running Windows but still have better OpenGL capabilities in the first place.

    I think the big advantage to this downgrade will be buying clearance and refurbished Nvidia-based MBAs for 25% discounts... Unless Apple somehow fits a standard voltage SB CPU in the 13" MBA, I think most will be better off with C2D and Nvidia 320m at discounts.

    Apple has been down the path of using a low voltage Intel CPU and IGP in the MBA before, and it was the worst Mac created since the Intel transition. It wasn't until Nvidia 9400m that the MBA became even usable. Yes, the SB IGP is better than prior Intel IGPs, but it's still utterly disappointing in LV/ULV variants. I guess the smart buyers will be buying clearance MBAs with Nvidia 320m and skip Sandy Bridge for a more reliable Ivy Bridge model. It depends on how each person uses the MBA, but I believe the vast majority are much better off with Nvidia and C2D. I just hope Apple doesn't destroy the MBA brand to try to make Intel's inferior IGP work... especially in LV and ULV variants.

    I heartly concur, which is why my wife and I jumped on two 11" MBA refurbs now. I don't care for any Intel graphics. As wild as you are for the 13" MBA we are for the 11'MBA. I agree the sweet spot, at least until 2012 will be the 2010 MBA. We have gone minimalist and are thrilled:cool::D:apple::apple:

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  • Xian Zhu Xuande
    Mar 30, 12:06 PM
    At least this is entertaining to watch.

    Microsoft aren't selling windows called Windows, they're selling an OS called Windows. It is a generic phrase, but it's not a generic phrase for the object it describes. App Store is (to me at least!) a generic phrase for an application store.
    And Apple has a online software store called the 'App Store'.

    It may seem silly at first, but view the history of 'app' and the argument materializes.

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  • iMeowbot
    Sep 5, 06:04 PM
    If this is a product called showtime, that could be a Bad Thing (tm). A media application that has the same name as the movie channel? Sounds like grounds for a trademark lawsuit to me. Mighty Mouse is a little harder to cause consumer confusion: one's an computer mouse, the other is a cartoon character. But a movie software application and a movie channel? hmmmmm....
    I don't think there will be anything with that name.

    Apple did just very recently file for a new iMovie trade mark in Europe, through Italy. They already had the name registered in 2000/2001. This new application is from 22 August, and no real details are currently published.

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  • asdf542
    Apr 14, 12:35 PM
    First, no I made no such claim. I responded to one. And the claim wasn't that it will be restricted to being Mac only, but that it will end up being Mac only, in the same sense that FW is. Some PC ship with FW, but not many. It is considered a Mac only interface. The gist is that TB may as well, if history repeats. You didn't prove anything. You see many PC's shipping with TB right now? How many PC vendors have announces support for TB? The unfortunate fact is that consumers know the USB brand, so the vendors will support it. TB might be in Intel's spec, but that doesn't mean every system will support it nor that many drive vendors will either. No. The claim simply stated 'Mac only'. Nothing more and nothing less and you agreed with said two word claim. Thunderbolt will be integrated into every Ivy Bridge chipset just like USB 3.0. It's not the same situation as FireWire in the slightest. Not only is it faster than USB 3.0 but it also works with USB via adapters as well as almost any other IO on the planet. FireWire worked only with FireWire devices.

    See econgeek's post. It explains is pretty well.

    You mean the one right above your post that proves you wrong? Funny stuff.

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  • Dmac77
    Apr 24, 11:40 PM
    I cannot even begin to describe how much i hate these idiotic people. They just enrage me. Anyone who has been doing 85mph+ on the highway and then has to slow down to under 70 knows what I mean.

    Today I was doing 90mph+ in the far left lane, for miles everyone moved out of the way for me. Then all the sudden I come up on this minivan with "Baby on Board, "I Love Children," "Being Nice is the #1 Rule," etc. bumper stickers and magnets. The woman was doing under 65mph would not move out of my way (and there was plenty of space). When I tried to push her, flash brights, honk, etc. she decided to brake check me. Now, not moving over is one thing, but trying to teach me a lesson when I tell you that you're in my way and that you can move over, is just asking me to screw you over.

    I drove behind her for a few miles, and then when the opportunity stuck, I shot a gap to pass her, made sure she couldn't move over to another lane (besides the service lane) and I slammed off my brakes (I swear I saw a squirrel run across the highway;)), she had to veer off of the road to avoid hitting me. I guarantee she'll never try to brake check someone or force the speed limit on them again. I seriously hope she or her damn baby got whiplash. (NO LECTURES PLEASE, THEY WILL ALL BE IGNORED)

    I seriously wish that .50 cal guns would be options on cars so that I could just blow up people like her.


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  • Ahheck01
    Sep 4, 08:22 PM
    I think it is the highly anticipated iToilet with universal iPod dock and count 'em four AppleTalk ports.
    No, the iToilet with universal iPod dock was released yesterday. From the press release:

    "In the first release of the new iToilet, Apple has included a noise-cancelling feature that masks the noises caused by bodily functions..."

    "... can select music files to be played as the flushing sound..."

    "... will be available, like the macbook and ipod, in both white and black. Production for the U2 edition was halted after lead singer...."

    "...died of a heart attack while using a pre-production iToilet. Several revisions have since been made."

    "Steve Jobs is calling it a 'freak accident' and is said to be paying for a custom 'iFuneral' in which all attendees will be offered a rebate on Mac Pro's."


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  • cmwade77
    Feb 3, 06:39 PM
    Hurf. There was a checkbox for installing a trial version. You didn't uncheck it.

    Maybe this is why you're using OSX then. It makes choices for you. Not yours, but you know...
    That's the point, this things should be Opt-In, not Opt-0ut, in other words you need to check it if you do want it.

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  • Spagolli94
    Sep 12, 03:46 PM
    i'm sorry but the 30G iPod has a stupid price. If someone is that tight and has to get an iPod, they would probably buy used.

    I will by the 30GB and am anything but tight. Why? Because I only have 15GB of music and have been adding music at a rate of about 1GB per year. I have no need to watch movies or look at photos on my iPod. If I'm traveling, I have a PowerBook on the plane with me. My iPod is used in the car and the gym, that's it.

    That said, both the 30GB and 80GB have more than enough storage. So, I will make my decision based on physical dimensions - at the gym a smaller iPod is a big plus. The fact that the 30GB is cheaper is just icing on the cake. For my needs, I would have bought the 30GB, even it were the same price... even it the 30GB were more.

    I agree with you though. If you currently have or anticipate needing over 30GB of space, the 80GB is a MUCH better value when it comes to GB per dollar.

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  • rtdunham
    Sep 12, 10:21 PM
    I do wish I could ultra-boost the audio on-board. Some of the video digitizations I have are too quiet.

    i felt the same way as i watched a podcast today. then my brother pointed out "itunes lets you set volume level for each item in itunes: select a song/podcast/whatever. right-click on the selected item and choose "options." set the volume adjustment at a higher level. that will keep the volume for that item higher." He says it was one of many useful tips he found in the Visual Guide to iTunes 6.

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  • koen
    Sep 13, 09:25 PM
    Type the following in the Terminal:

    cd /Applications/iTunes.app/Contents/MacOS
    strings * | grep -i phone

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  • Dmac77
    Apr 25, 02:18 AM
    This is the same attitude that people like Bernie Madoff, Kenneth Lay, etc had as they totally scammed thousands of people out of billions of dollars.

    Well I will openly admit that I have a low opinion of those who get burned in investment scams. If you're stupid enough to think you're going to get the kind of returns promised to you by the likes of Madoff, then you deserve to lose your money. But that's off topic.


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  • Warbrain
    Sep 26, 08:34 AM
    Agrhhh... why does Apple have to be so stupid? Do they not know that there are vast areas here in the US where Cingular doesn't support?

    Why the hell can't they just sell an unlocked phone and just let us choose providers that actually have service where we live? I really hope someone finds a way to hack these phones and make them carrier-independant! :mad:

    There are vast areas that Verizon and Sprint don't cover in the US, too. It's that way with every single cell phone company in the US.

    Apple would have to make at least 2 different phones for that to work. There are two primary cellular networks in the US: GSM and CDMA. If Apple makes just a GSM phone, they're also making a phone that can be used in almost every other country in the world. Europe and Asia are the real cell phone markets, not the US.

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  • LimeiBook86
    Sep 12, 04:29 PM
    So I assume in order to play these new games and such you need to update your 5G iPod's software to version 1.2? Has anyone been able to update theirs without a total "Restore?", if so I'd be interested but, erasing my iPod at this moment isn't really something I want to do haha. I mean if you click on the 'Games' tab in the iPod summary it will tell you that you need to click 'Update' to update your iPod, so hopefully there will be a way to do this without erasing everything and starting over. ;)

    I also wonder if you buy one game if you can share that game to multiple iPods (for example if you had two 5G iPods...or if your brother does ;)) :D The iTunes update is also nice, I was quite fond of the green icon but, I'll get used to the new one. BTW, Front Row has also been updated to version 1.3 to be compatible with iTunes 7 :)

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  • Peace
    Sep 5, 05:58 PM
    Wow, you really don't get it.

    Watching on the tv is exactly what this is about. The whole point is that you don't need to have a *computer* or even a *hard drive* next to the TV since you can just stream the video from a computer ANYWHERE in your house.

    Seriously, did you even look at the picture you responded to?

    Yes I did milo.And it's a fine rendition :)

    Only thing is one still has to connect some kind of A/V cables to the TV..

    Think about that concept.

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 25, 10:08 PM
    And a large portion of that 99% of the market will find integrated graphics fine, until they venture to the Apple App Store, and find that their spanking new MBA have a video card not supported by 99% of the games on sale... In fact, integrated graphics are not only not supported, but are specifically singled out in most game's system requirements.

    I don't question the gaming issue, I just wonder what percentage of MBP buyers would not buy because of the Intel graphics. My uneducated guess would be a very small percentage. Remember, Apple caters to the average consumer, not the geeks.

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  • beangibbs
    Apr 25, 02:04 PM
    What do you mean, "you people"

    Image (http://oneguyrambling.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/600full-tropic-thunder-photo.jpg)

    Win to the nth power. I spit my drink out laughing.

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  • Silentwave
    Sep 16, 01:45 PM
    I don't like the sound of "off the shelf" parts. That sounds like Apple is going to rebrand an existing phone or place the guts of another company's phone in their casing.

    I'm don't want a piece-of-@#$% Motorola handset inside a nice brushed steel Apple form. Which is who I imagine they would partner with.

    If you're listening Apple, I'm interested in the iPhone. I buy my phones outright and I'm not interested in changing carriers (currently on T-Mobile). So you better sell it yourself and hardware unlocked.

    I'll agree about the motorola thing! I've had my share of Moto handsets over the years and I've hated every single one. My primary complaint? underpowered and unresponsive. LAG! I would like it if they would just stick a Core Solo ULV in there and we'll be good! ;)

    I'd love it to be unlocked too. But they'll probably make it GSM so i'll need to switch networks. Unless they're REALLY nice and make it GSM/CDMA like my Samsung A790 (about to be on my third of those- they have a knack for survival unless you hurl them onto concrete 5 feet below you as hard as you can throw them). I'd pay tons of money for that.

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  • manu chao
    Apr 11, 10:01 AM
    More like "click there to stream music to my mac which is connected to my sound system".

    Both financially and from a space and energy consumption point of view, an Apple TV or an Airport Express is a more efficient solution for this. Apple tends to support only the efficient and simple solutions, not the cumbersome ones.

    I think you got it completely wrong here. How is my WiFi router which was given to me for free by my internet provider a luxury?

    You know all well that the router is not free, you pay for through your monthly payments. The fact that your provider does not offer a cheaper service without such hardware freebies is just unfortunate. Would you be happy if Apple included a free Airport Express with all Macs (but naturally increased the price for the Mac)? There is nothing free, at least in the physical world (the digital world can be very close to free, see iOS apps).

    And of course Apple is getting greedy by not adding Airtunes to other wireless solutions they sell.

    So, how much do think Apple is asking for licensing their Airplay technology, I'd guess at most between $5-10.

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  • zap2
    Mar 29, 01:09 PM
    I think its pretty reasonable...Nokia has a big market share...its a huge company, I highly expect that Nokia will pass iOS, considering Nokia has a range of devices(many of which will run Windows Phone 7) while Apple likes to keep one or two models around, both of which are rather pricey devices.

    I'm going to be that Nokia is going to press Microsoft to let Windows Phone 7 to have requirements lower then top of the line in an effort to get their devices through out the world.

    Oct 12, 01:14 PM
    Of course you're meant to find it funny - it's a dead-set pi*ser of a story. I laughed for ages when I heard it.

    Yes, but only because it really happened, there are tons of jokes out there just like it.

    PS Chundles, do you know how to get from Europe to Syndey, at a low cost? (or from Beijing, after taking the Trans-siberian railway)

    Full of Win
    Apr 25, 03:21 PM
    Then show me a single modern GPU displaying more than 2560x1600 on a single display. I'd love to see it.

    You mean this one, a single card, running FarCry at 3840 X 2160 almost two years ago. Since this was almost two years ago, I'm sure its a little dated. :)


    Mar 23, 06:10 PM
    136 negatives to this story ... nice. :rolleyes:

    Any perceived hit towards censorship obviously trumps the value of human life. :rolleyes:

    I wonder how many who posted here in favor of removing these apps, are also supporters of wikileaks? i'm sure it's a significant number. how ironic.

    How about you duervo, you a wikileaks fan? hmm?

    Apr 19, 07:24 AM
    Samsung running Android look very very similar to Apple's, to the point where it causes confusion in the marketplace for consumers. I've seen several people mistake one of these things for an iPhone because they look that similar. It's a combination of Google's Android and Samsung's hardware.

    This confusion is no accident, that was the intent all along. There is no reason why they could not create their own look and feel... change it up enough so it's not an obvious copy. Other handset makers have been able to do that.

    Aug 31, 11:39 AM
    I don't care what it is, just give us something new to talk about. Mac Pro really nice machine but we saw it coming months in advance. Maybe not he exact spec but yeah we all knew it was coming. Same with Merom, Conroe etc... Give us something new, really new. All we have had for what seems like an age is Intel switch this Intel switch that. I don't care what processor they use as long as they are faster than they were before and it's still a Mac. I want nay, need a new product - something so I know that Apple are still innovating. Switching to Intel, no innovation there just good sense.