Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wow i love the shirt!

YAY COLOUR! Gosh you folks.. You can't even imagine how excited I get with flashy colours, the more it pops the more I freak out. When I saw this shirt I totally jumped on the floor : the shade is too awesome. I got really inspired by the fluorescent cambridge satchels, especially the fluorescent yellow one. It is outstanding, and this shirt has the exact same coloring which I love so much.

Anyway I really wanted to thank you all guys for your support in my blog I read ALL of your comments critics and greetings : you can't even imagine how great it is for me to share my style vision and get your responds which interest me so so much, I am really happy about that! For the little story, I created my blogspot account last summer, and started my lookbook at the same time. The blogging sphere really amazed me and I felt like taking part in the concept : creating my own page, my own window of style opened to the whole web. I really began working on kayture a few months ago and I simply love it. It is such a creatif process, I simply enjoy sharing and getting to know other people's ideas.
If you guys have any request, a post you want me to do, please feel free to contribute your ideas!