Sunday, May 15, 2011


This morning, I opened my email to find that my sister had sent me a large compilation of childhood pictures set to disco music. Disco, you ask?
We should all know by now that disco is always appropriate no matter what the occasion. 
So anyway, I watched it. And laughed a lot. But soon recognized a common theme:
a style blogger in the making.
You've GOT to be kidding me, right?
Wrong. I am not kidding.
Observe my friends. The freak blogging prodigy blossoming at a tender age.

I give you: The POSE
And ... The POSE refined. Notice the toe pointage continues.
Powerful stuff here.
Ah. The intelligence. The mystery. The fake glasses.
It's a difficult thing to reach absolute styling perfection as a child.
Never being able to successfully one-up yourself ...
tragic really.
Even from the beginning I recognized the power of an absolutely identical matching purse.
The unmatched completeness it gives to an outfit is really just moving.
And finally.
I give you ... THE SHOES.
My sister's obvious jealousy says it all.