Sunday, May 15, 2011


Shoes: c/o Threadsence, Jeans: F21, Blouse: F21, Blazer: c/o Simple Thrift, Necklace: c/o Lauren Elan
We're celebrating Cinco De Mayo a little unconventionally this year. Our party was delayed until tonight. And while there's still going to be food, we're going to be celebrating with a basketball game. Or rather the boys will, and the girls will talk and maybe try to eat all the food by ourselves.
Maybe next year we'll decide to be awesome and festive.
I HAVE decided that I'm gonna try and be kind of awesome this weekend by making something from my newest obsession, the Lottie + Doof food blog. {I dare you not to get addicted} And this coming from the girl whose whole identity revolves around an abhorrence for the kitchen. I must be coming down with something.
Quick, someone feed me grapes on the chase lounge.