Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trish McEvoy Beauty Emergency Card For Eyes

I picked Trish McEvoy Beauty Emergency Card For Eyes as an afterthought two or three months ago, because the colors and size looked right. I'm usually having a hard time finding good color matches in Trish McEvoy's line, but here we have a bunch of classic neutrals that are easy to combine and look flattering and effortless, which is exactly what one needs on the go and for makeup emergencies. Like the previous Beauty Emergency Card, this eye palette is, indeed pocket-size and very thin. Still, there's enough product there for months of use, and even more if you save it for travel.

The 8 pan palette includes: (sorry for the inconsistent numbering)
1. Eye Definer Deep Aubergine (it pulls more brown on my skin)
2. Brow Definer Natural (I wish it were just a hair darker, but I can still use it on my brows)
3. Glaze Eye Shadow Rose Quartz (a shimmery rosy skin color. I use it as a highlighter)
4.  Eye Shadow Peach Shell (matte and completely invisible on my skin and lid. Might as well be a translucent powder.
5. Glaze Eye Shadow Gilded Bronze (a light sandy bronze with shimmer, very wearable and not too warm)
6. Glaze Eye Shadow Gilded Taupe (do I need it in full size?)
7. Glaze Eye Shadow Sugar Plum ( a shimmery plum. A bit too purple for my taste when on its own but blends well with the other colors and I actually use it quite a bit)
8. Glaze Eye Shadow White Peach (a beautiful highlighter, somewhere between ivory and sand)

The texture of these eye shadows is really nice, the shimmer is polite and well-behaved and the combination one can create are many. For me, the matte peach color is utterly useless; if I were a craftier person I'd replace its pan with a same size navy shadow/liner or even an eye primer. Those of you with lighter skin tone might actually like this color, so don't take my word for this one.

Bottom Line: Very good.

Trish McEvoy Beauty Emergency Card For Eyes ($38) is available at the counters and on

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