Friday, May 20, 2011



all designs by (me) VASILIEVA

SWIMWEAR. Finally here are the pictures we shot in Dubai for my limited Summer'11 Swimwear collection. There's been a lot of experimenting and trying out new techniques with these designs. I really felt like I had to incorporate different shapes and styles into this line. As I went from separates to one-piece and eventually ended up making a mashup between a bathing suit and diver's/surfer's outfits. Making a long-sleeve top into swimwear turned out a lot of fun. To be honest these are the first swimwear pieces I've ever made, so I really had to learn a lot of new things along theway. And as I'm looking at the result I'm actually quite happy how they turned out. One thing I know for sure now that there will be many more swimsuits and beachwear in my future collections. As for modelling, that was another experiment I did with the collection. The main reason being that all the designs I create are inspired by my personal style and most of the time I wear my own creations. So for a chance I just decided to show you guys my view on things. And I got to save a little bit money too (lol).

And if you have a chance and if you are in Brussels pass by the designers sale on Fri and Sat. I will also be there, so come and say hello.