Friday, May 20, 2011



(blazer H&M Trend, skirt Topshop, bag Zara, wedges Office)

I'm loving that red skirt so much that I practically live in it. Maybe this isn't a good thing, but I'll probably continue to experiment with it until I run out of red tops and blazers in my wardrobe to pair it with. I'm a lot into complete red looks these days. The colour is just so striking and so noticeable. My shoes are all time favourite Office wedges, which I got while I was still living in London about 4 years ago. I sort of wear them on and off. I actually don't think last season they were out of the box at all, but nowadays I just can't get enough of the studs yet again. And just a quick reminder there is going to be a huge sale this Fri and Sat so if you are in Brussels for the weekend do stop by. I'm going to be there and I'd love to meet you.