Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lost her behind the station,lost her behind the moon


Shirt: My boyfriends
Crochet Shorts
Bag: Vintage
Scarf: Vintage


So the dip dye is GONE. What has essentially been heralded as the bloggers 'staple' hair do has been exterminated by a 5.99 bottle of nice and easy. Please forgive me for this heinous crime. My hair was suffering and I was finding it hard to establish myself as a sensible and sane human being while all my little orange ends were snapping off. I'm naturally this sort of colour but Im probably going to get some beachy highlights through it in the near future for the summer.

Got this little bag in a wee vintage shop in Edinburgh, the lovely girl told me upon serving me that she read my blog which was amazing. So if you're reading this hello and thank you!

In other news, I(along with my friend Charlotte) were feature in our very own native publication: The Scotsman Pulse Magazine supplement. A big thank you to Lindsey for including us. You can pick it up for free around Edinburgh. :)