Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just another ugly dress


Dress: ASOS
Jacket: Allsaints
Necklace C/O: True Birds

Arguably one of the ugliest dresses I own. I think the appeal is in the sheer car crash nature of the dress...I am historically drawn to hideous clothing and do enjoy something which is essentially 'wrong' on so many levels. A trashy dress for a trashy occasion, it was perfect for my birthday party a couple of weeks back, where Rhianna was on full blast and my ass on full view. Oh WELL.

A big thank you to Zara from True Birds for sending me this cracking little deer skull necklace. I used to be obsessed with drawing animal skulls in higher Art and Design (my mum was an Art teacher and we literally have a garage full of creepy things for still life drawings), so this was right up my street