Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Have a nice monday you all!

You won't see me a lot wearing sunglasses, there's just something about them I don't like. Perhaps the fact that they hide the half of the face or maybe because my nose is so tiny, they fall off every time I bend my head. But these ones are anyway my lovely favourite ones, I love their shape and their minimalistic design, without no logo or inscription. I bought them in a small shop in geneva so they're kinda vintage. They really reminded me of lady gaga's eyewear style, and me being a huge fan of hers I coulden't resist.

So here they are, paired with a nude beige outfit and some bright pink accessories. I bought the purse a really long time ago in victoria secret. It was a gift set with perfumes and creams inside but I really do think it looks a lot like the candy furla which I am still looking for. ( The lipstick is by too faced : cupcake.)