Saturday, May 14, 2011

DOKIDOKI “Harajuku Kawaii Experience 2011″ World Tour Pictures

Last year, we covered the madness as Harajuku fashion brand 6%DOKIDOKI took their “Kawaii Anarchy” tour to Europe and America. Last month, everyone’s favorite “Sensational Lovely Shop” hit the road once again. This time, Sebastian, Yuka, Vani, and the rest of the 6% posse made their way up the west coast of the U.S. and into Canada – stopping first in Los Angeles, then flying up to Vancouver, and finally down to Seattle.
At each stop, brand founder and Harajuku fixture Sebastian Masuda gave a talk about Harajuku and Kawaii culture. Attendees enjoyed a 6%DOKIDOKI fashion show, photo and autograph sessions, and were given the chance to purchase goods at a special pop-up shop.
The L.A. 6%DOKIDOKI event – organized by our friends at Sweet Streets – included a flea market with lots of cute handmade goods. In Vancouver, Sebastian gave his talk to fashion majors at the Art Institute of Vancouver, who took notes on the history of Harajuku and Kawaii culture. In Seattle, 6%DOKIDOKI was a special guest at Sakura-Con. Everywhere they went, the tour tried to bring a little bit of Harajuku to the world!
During the tour, 6%DOKIDOKI announced that their fashion and accessories are now available internationally through the Marui One online store.
It would be impossible for us to show you everything that happened on the latest tour, but – with the help of lots of different photographers – we wanted to show you a small sampling of the fun. Check out the tour pictures below, and don’t forget to come out and meet the entire 6%DOKIDOKI crew the next time they stop in your town!

Los Angeles – The 6%DOKIDOKI World Tour Begins

6%DOKIDOKI in Los Angeles

More Los Angeles 6%DOKIDOKI Fun – Photographed by Dave Tada

6%DOKIDOKI in Los Angeles

Vancouver, Canada – 6%DOKIDOKI Talk Show

6%DOKIDOKI Talkshow in Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada – 6%DOKIDOKI Club Night

6%DOKIDOKI Vancouver Canada

Vancouver, Canada – 6%DOKIDOKI Around Town

6%DOKIDOKI in Vancouver

Seattle – 6%DOKIDOKI TV Appearance


Seattle – 6%DOKIDOKI at Sakura-Con

6%DOKIDOKI at Sakura-Con

6%DOKIDOKI Seattle Fashion Show Photographed by Coolpplse

6%DOKIDOKI Seattle Fashion Show

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The above is just a quick review of the 6%DOKIDOKI Spring tour. If you’d like to see lots more pictures, check out the 6%DOKIDOKI FB Page, Sweet Streets Gallery, or the Coolpplse Flickr.
Thank you to all of the following people/organizations for helping with our tour coverage: