Thursday, May 19, 2011

world cup final images

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  • ViviUO
    Apr 25, 01:07 PM
    Black as a color option, please.

    OR make them out of carbon fiber.

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  • 2010 FIFA World Cup Final

  • Shivetya
    Mar 24, 08:43 AM
    Even bigger screens? They're getting closer to replacing bedroom TV's now..

    I don't believe they will get larger screens, they are almost too large for most cars when boxed as it is.

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  • AidenShaw
    Sep 11, 09:01 AM
    ...and two PCI Extreme slots...

    PCI Express, not Extreme.

    Note that there's a multiplier as well - a PCIe x16 slot is twice as fast as a PCIe x8 slot, and 16 times faster than a PCIe x1 slot.

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  • eazyway
    Oct 27, 07:32 PM
    They do build in obsolescence into the ipod as you can't replace the battery (easily). It does become a disposable item, although a pricey one at that. I do love the ipod (even though I don't own one) but this puts me off to the point where I just can't go through with actually buying one. My experience with rechargeable batteries in mobile phones and lap top isn't good.

    Actually replacing the battery is a piece of cake with the tool. My kids all have a 3g version and I replaced all the batteries(4) Cost $26 each.

    or send it in for replacement.

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  • world cup final images 2011.

  • supremedesigner
    Aug 31, 11:33 AM
    Merom MacBook Pro + Conroe iMac + speedbumped Mac mini + iTunes movie downloads + widescreen video iPod

    Maybe black iMac?

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  • world cup final images cricket

  • Analog Kid
    Apr 14, 01:43 PM
    Thunderbolt will never replace USB because they serve different functions. You will never see low-bandwidth devices such as keyboard/mice/USB stick using thunderbolt because it doesn't make sense.

    Also I don't know if anyone mentioned it but one of the reasons Firewire never took off was because of royalty fees that need to be paid for implementing it. Thunderbolt has no royalties on it and this should help drive adoption.

    From the looks of it Thunderbolt will be able to replace eSata, Firewire, and maybe Expresscards.
    This almost identically mirrors USB/FW. The reason FW sputtered (and it did start to take off for a brief while) was USB2. USB2 isn't at all designed to handle the applications that FW does, but it's not a coincidence that USB2 was designed for raw bandwidth just greater than FW and that it was marketed as such, ignoring usability issues and true throughput.

    USB2 won because it was almost good enough, vendors didn't want a second connector and all the power supply that went with FireWire, and the masses were never educated on what the limitations of USB were.

    The original USB was just fine for mice and keyboards. USB2 was meant to undermine FireWire, and USB3 was meant to kill it. USB3 is an attempt to be one bus for all purposes, just like Thunderbolt is. You don't need two universal serial busses, and the buying public will stick with the logo they're most comfortable with.

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  • world cup final images

  • nick004
    Oct 27, 10:11 AM
    They must be from California, lots of smugg Greenpeace hippies hanging around there.

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  • Dmac77
    Apr 25, 01:51 AM
    And your ethics take an even worse.
    The system is clearly broken and you are living proof of it.
    Heck if something like that you did that me i would use this thread as poof your actions and laugh my ass off when end up in jail.

    Good luck tracking my actual identity down. And also good luck getting anything you dug up admitted in court, because there is absolutely nothing legal about introducing any evidence of my identity you found by tying this account back to my IP/ISP without a warrant.


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  • iMeowbot
    Oct 27, 03:34 PM
    why are they mad about getting kicked out.

    Why would they be mad about this? The disruption was clearly intentional - they did have a contract telling them what would be allowed - so that they could get themselves into the news.

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  • arkmannj
    Apr 25, 06:52 PM
    awesome... maybe they'll update the Mac Mini's too I'm thinking of doing "" and a nicer mini would fit the ticket.

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  • icc world cup final photos.

  • fastlane1588
    Aug 29, 08:36 AM
    great, nothing....

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  • cgc
    Apr 19, 09:23 AM
    Samsung is going to wrap Apple up in a cocoon of pain...

    (quote from Tommy Morrison before the Tyson fight that never happened)

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  • world cup final pics 2011.

  • justinLONG
    Apr 30, 07:04 PM
    I'm still loving mine too :) I did, however, just put it up for sale on CL though. Just to see if I get any bites. I'm not going to worry if I do or don't sell it though. It's still an amazing machine

    thought about doing that. or maybe a trade + cash for and "old" macbook. something that would hold be back to do bare necessities, save enough money for .....:eek:....
    maybe a high end imac. oh joy.

    ..nah screw it. i'll just stick with my mid-2010

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  • world cup final images 2011.

  • Analog Kid
    Sep 16, 02:32 AM
    why is the US so far behind Europe with this kind of technology?

    (edit: maybe it isn't i haven't shopped for a phone in nearly a year)
    Because we don't ride trains... Asia, Europe have idle time commuting where they can fiddle with the functions on a phone-- we're too busy flipping people off and trying not to get killed. Americans use the phone to talk and that's about it.

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  • AaronEdwards
    Apr 20, 12:43 PM
    Every single search is localized in some sense. Google is keeping track of where you are based off GPS or IP address. This is why I don't have an issue with this; I'd rather have the file on my computer than with a company that we aren't sure is going to be on the good side for long.

    Unless you decide to work for Google (which from your comment, I presume your aren't), or if you get famous, then I'd say that the chance that anyone at Google would decide to look at any data they collected about you is abysmal. This goes for any information Apple collects too. Obviously, there's a risqu� for security breaches, but the chance that your info then would be accessed or used is also rather small.
    Not that it's not a problem.

    This is different. The information is made accessible to people around you. So, while an iPhone owner is away from the house, someone else, who will be a lot more interested in him or her, can access the log in their backup.

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  • world cup final photos cricket

  • puckhead193
    May 3, 11:55 AM
    wow what an update. Seems like a fast computer for the average user.
    One thing i noticed was the SDD option takes 4-6. Is there a shortage of SSDs?

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  • GFLPraxis
    Jul 14, 07:25 PM
    Did anyone pay attention to the power and thermal requirements of Conroe?

    Is it more than a G5? I see someone posted PowerMac processor power consumption, but those were dual processors in a PowerMac. I want to see how much power the single G5 in an iMac consumed.

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  • ICC World Cup Final 2011

  • mrkramer
    Apr 25, 01:13 AM
    Good luck with reporting my plates. I've done that to drunk drivers before, the 911 operator has told me "We're sorry sir, we cannot divert officers based on heresy." Also, see above: My uncle is the traffic court judge in the jurisdiction where I did this, good luck getting a ticket to stand.

    If your uncle lets you off for something like that I hope he gets caught and thrown in jail for corruption like he would deserve. And in most places cops do go after people who are reported as drunk, or unsafe drivers.

    The simple fact is that I should not have to obey a 70mph speed limit if I don't want to. Why would I even bother driving a car that can hit 186mph (with the speed governor removed, with the governor top speed is 155mph) at 70 mph? A Ford Fiesta can hit those speeds, what's the point of fast cars if you're going to follow the speed limit in them?

    And at your age you probably shouldn't be driving a car with that much power, you don't know how to handle it.

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  • EagerDragon
    Sep 14, 06:04 PM
    i am a mac-apple newbie~~~
    aperture 2!!!waiting for me...i m a photography lover...

    i have go through (youtube) a few previous keynote that brought by Steve...

    i have addicted with aPPLe

    cant wait my new 24' iMac n my new iPod..shuffle
    Welcome to the Mac Family, bring your friends. It is always more fun when the family grows. We are vocal, but we have a reason for it. We are proud of Apple and we want them to continue to do better, it is a win win for us that get better and more useful products, and it is better for Apple as we carry the word.

    Aug 28, 11:26 PM
    Don't get me wrong, I would welcome a new enclosure but I think that allowing the prospect of one to be the determining factor in the purchase of a machine is ridiculous. As much as I would LOVE to have a gunmetal colored mbp, if it came out tomorrow I wouldn't be upset that I have a silver one because I truly do love my machine. Apple will always continue to innovate and release new products, and IMO now that they're using intel chips the rate of obsolescence will increase (in terms of harware and performance more than appearance).

    To get a new design and enclosure is always nice. Apple has been doing amazing designs in the past years. For sure new enclosures will look nice.

    The thing is, at this time after the whole Intel transition, all the current enclosures stayed the same (except few changes on Macbook). So, I would not expect anything different anytime soon. I think the current look is great in all Apple hardware line up. The only place I thought it could have a change was on the MacPro, because the G5 needed such a large enclosure. Apple responded keeping the same design and just adding more features that before was not possible under the G5 chip. That makes me believe they will keep the same enclosures for awhile.
    I agreed that subtle improvements are welcome and they probably will happen. But if people are making their buying decision based on a new look coming soon, I think they will wait quite a bit and get disappoint.

    Mar 23, 07:13 PM
    This is bogus. Next thing you know, our Gov'mint will start asking companies to stop selling radar detectors, because people will speed and kill others. Drunks go around these stops anyway--they're not effective. All they do is cause good citizens to be held up. How about the day I rolled through one of these and ended up paying a huge late fee to kid's daycare? The run them at 9PM, when no one is drunk! I'm going to download these apps just out of convenience so I don't have to be slowed down and I should be able to have this information available to me.

    Oct 12, 06:57 PM
    im so tired about apple having partnerships with groups i dont like. to each his own but why does U2 have to keep pushing their own ipod, i thought the last one sucked. give me a band i actually like

    except this isn't about a band. its about a charity.

    Apr 14, 12:17 PM
    I do know that USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt are really great, but it bothers me that Apple seems to be abandoning Firewire. I always thought of Firewire as an apple technology. I've read that there are now Firewire 1600 and 3200 technologies.

    I do hope that Apple will adopt the new USB standard. I see USB as being much more useful for average users than Thunderbolt. I was really surprised years ago when I found that my new iPod was unable to use the Firewire cable that my first iPod used.

    Sep 17, 11:05 PM
    O no! Our cell phone technology is behind that of Europe's, where the small, congested spaces make it easier to unveil new cell technologies! The horror...

    Agreed. The U.S. is pretty much behind everyone else as far as cell phone technology goes. Do I care? No. My cell phone takes and gives calls. Who cares if it can take 30MP photos and watch steaming TV and movies and play Crysis at 120fps and pay my bills and rob convenient stores and solve world hunger? When I get a new cell phone and the salesman starts running off at the mouth at how cool it is and all the groovy things it does, I stop him and ask, "can I call people on it?" If the answer is yes, then I'm happy. :D