Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who Needs A Fashion Blog, When You Can Have A Style Scrapbook!


When I was little I was obsessed with scrapbooking; documenting every part of my life was necessary. I had various assortments of printed paper, stickers and gel pens galore. But then I started blogging and my scrapbook was put on the top shelf of my closet, only to be looked at on special occasions. But in a way blogs are just like scrapbooks, only they’re digital and you don’t need boatloads of tape to post your pictures. Andy Torres has combined these two ideas of blogging and scrapbooking with her appropriately titled fashion blog, Style Scrapbook—(pseudo) paper, stickers, gel pens and all.
As it says in her profile, Torres is a “Mexican freelance stylist blogging from Amsterdam.” And boy, does she have style! Yes, it definitely helps that Torres has amazing pieces in her closet, including Balenciaga boots, Yves Saint Laurent pumps and Jill Stuart bright maxi skirts. But, the way she puts these amazing things together is what really draws me to her blog. Her outfits are so stylish, yet so suave making any fashionista envious! Torres also has that amazing foreign aesthetic that is lusted after, but can never ever be completely recreated. I also love the way in which she displays these excellent ensembles on her blog. The titles of her posts resemble those stick-on labels you would get from label makers. So hop on over to Style Scrapbook this weekend if you are in need of some fashion inspiration, it’s well worth the trip.