Thursday, May 19, 2011

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  • applefan289
    Apr 4, 12:58 PM
    People are willing to risk their lives for Apple.

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  • iBorg20181
    Sep 14, 09:27 AM
    What is it with some of you guys? Does hope spring eternal, or what!

    Apple could be at a medical convention to promote the new artificial Apple iHeart and some of you would be jumping up and down screaming: "Yahoo, this means MBP updates".

    LOL - "oh, and one more thing ... the iHeart!!!" I love it!!!



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  • steve_hill4
    Sep 9, 07:55 AM
    My first question is if the Mac Pro offers less of a performance increase than it first appeared, (for the time being at least), would Apple use this as an argument against a Conroe Tower?

    I'm still behind Apple increasing their product lines, (Conroe Tower, 13" MBP, 15 & 17" MBs), and they have effectively done just this with taking teir consumer iMac offering from 2 standard models to 4. Can we expect more of the same in the future?

    Roll on September 12th and beyond.

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  • Some_Big_Spoon
    Sep 10, 11:22 PM
    I'm still taken aback by Sun doing what Intel's doing now, but doing it 8-10 years ago. What the heck happened to SUN?

    Were you reading propaganda from Sun, or something from an unbiased source?

    The P6 systems that you're talking about in the mid '90s were very similar in architecture to today's Intel systems.

    The P6 systems had a shared FSB, so memory bandwidth was shared by the two processors. The SPARC systems usually had a crossbar switch, so that in theory each CPU had a private memory path. (The Woodcrest systems have an FSB per socket, to a shared memory controller.)

    While the crossbar really shined when you had 32, 64 or more processors with many, many GiB of RAM - for a dual CPU system it really wasn't worth the cost.

    Woodcrest, the PPC G5, and AMD aren't using crossbar memory controllers today....

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  • DrDomVonDoom
    Apr 22, 02:58 AM
    I hate this cloud crap. All just an excuse to take away the consumers control of what they buy or use.

    We need a boycott.

    No one is forcing anyone to use cloud computing at all, you can do whatever you want with your mp3's I don't see your logic.

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  • White iPhone 4 release has

  • kildjean
    Apr 29, 09:37 AM
    Apple makes the hardware, the OS, the apps, and Appstore, and APPROVES what apps consumers can purchase. No...that's not a monopoly. No, sir.

    But its a monopoly that works, and that is why people buy it. People buy the experience, and while its wrapped in a monopoly paper, people love that. Computer has become more of a social experience than a nerd experience.

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 9, 01:11 PM
    It also depends if you can run multiple instances of that application. A little help here Multimedia? I know you've used multiple instances of Toast. Care to enlighten us on what other applications we can do the same? Maybe we should make a guide on it...Preemble clarification: I use Toast ( in a highly unorthodox way - nothing to do with writing DVDs or CDs. I use it most of the time to write DVD IMAGES that Handbrake ( understands how to make priistine mp4 files from. I am able to reduce a 4.3GB original EyeTV HD broadcast recording down to 351MB using this method. The result is an excellent, albeit soft, version of the original that can go on an iPod or two on a CD and when played on an analog TV from the iPod looks just like a DVD. On a HD monitor it still looks great. Just a little soft. Sound quality is identical to the original.

    I haven't explored what else we can run simultaneously beyond Toast ( and Handbrake ( I can run as many instances of those as I like. But I run out of cores even just running both of them because they will each use more than two cores given the chance to run alone. Running them simultaneously even with a second Handbrake running third, still gets all the jobs done faster than waiting for two to run and then running the third. Handbrake will process up to about 150-160 fps when two copies are running while it will process only about 93-100 fps alone.

    Handbrake FPS readings vary a lot between the analysis pass and the writing pass - much slower writing on the second pass than studying-planning the writing scheme on the first pass on both the Quad and the Mac Pro. On the Mac Pro, Toast will use almost all 4 cores given no competition. But so far I'm not convinced it is encoding EyeTV recordings for DVD images much faster than it does on teh Quad - yes 7.1 UB. I need to go back and exact time some encodes on the Mac Pro then compare that here on the Quad to tell.

    Just tried to launch a second copy of EyeTV and it's a no go. Maybe if I have another liscense with another tuner like the new hybrid it will work with a second copy - don't know yet. Probably getting an EyeTV hybrid tuner ( soon so I can record two HD shows at once.

    A Multi-Instance and Multi-Core Usage Guide would be a great help. Does someone with authorization want to start a thread on this subject? I am not authorized to create new threads. But I would be happy to contribute to it. If someone with new thread creation permission does it, please post a link to it here. Thank you.

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  • TheKrillr
    Sep 5, 05:42 PM
    I think we'll see a transition from iTunes to iMedia.

    The iMedia Store (TV Shows, Music, Audiobooks, Movies). The iMedia Player (the "true" video ipod). airMedia (wireless video/audio streaming device).

    Not sure aobut the phone name. iTalk? iWalk? iNeedAName?

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  • Ha ze
    Oct 13, 01:39 AM
    Not sure if it's already been pointed out, but GAP is also releasing a Red line of clothes tomorrow to support AIDS in Africa. I wonder if Oprah will be visiting various retail stores supporting the Red thing tomorrow.

    I really want the Red SLVR phone, but it's not sold here.


    Here in Chicago, The Gap and The Apple store are a block from each other on Michigan Ave. where they taped. I also believe they went across the street to the newly opened Motorola Store to the new stuff there.

    I am sure this has been said but I wanted to get my post in...

    Looks cool, just hope the $10 donation does not mean it will cost more. Red is not THAT great.

    No, it'll be the same 199 cause another $10 and whoa... way over price for charity

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 11, 12:37 PM
    What? There's something screwed with your

    Think about it. If used 100% of a core ALL THE TIME, people with single CPU machines wouldn't be able to do anything.

    Mail on my G5 iMac is sat there at 0.0% CPU utilisation when it's not doing anything.I have a large library of mail and smart mailboxes that refresh every time it checks for new mail. If I have it set to every 5 minutes, it takes 3 or 4 minutes to refresh all my smart mailboxes. :)

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  • Dorkington
    Apr 25, 08:47 AM
    The very fact that people think they "deserve" vacation days is mind-boggling. Why should you "Deserve" to get paid a single dime you did not earn?

    I work about 60% self-employed free lance, and 40% at my old "day job". Guess what. Neither one offers me "vacation days". Am I miserable? Hardly!

    If I want a vacation day, I simply do not work. That also means I do not get paid. It would seem mighty pretentious of me to be expect pay for work not done.

    If you want a job with more vacation days, FIND ONE! no one owes you a darn thing, certainly not pay for days off.Most salaried workers don't get paid overtime. Benefits are supposed to balance the "cons" of working a salaried position, imo.

    There is an upside to being exempt. While it's true I don't get paid extra if I work 45 hours this week, I will also not be paid less if I work 35 hours next week. In my job one is just as likely as the other.

    I haven't had a salaried job that allowed someone to take a less than 40 hour work week unless via paid vacation/sick days.

    In the end, I try to make sure I don't work more overtime than I receive in paid time off.


    Because of them most of the US is obese.. The first thing I think that should be dismantled is fast food chains.. Those who believe in making children obese should be put up against a wall and shot in the head...

    As much bad food that McDonalds has, they have plenty of stuff one can eat without getting obese. I believe in regulations on many things, but simply put it's one's own personal responsibility if they choose to eat really bad food, really often.

    I go McDonald's quite regularly... I'm not fat. In fact, I'm in the best shape of my life. Just sayin'.

    The free market would suck if it were run in the way your brain imagines it. But imagine if you ran a company, and your chief goal is to make a profit. Having happy employees who are payed fairly and receive vacation days, benefits, etc, is definitely a better business model than working your employees like slaves.

    That only works if there are more jobs than qualified workers. Most of the time there are more workers than jobs, and employers will cut as much as they can and hire the cheapest they can get away with in the name of the bottom line.

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 10, 06:35 AM
    The Woodcrest MacPro will suddenly feel very old if Apple manage to put Clovertown in MacPro early next year.

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  • brepublican
    Sep 2, 04:02 PM
    Hey guys, just hope some stuff comes out on the 5th, like new MBP with some C2D, i guess that should show up... and doesn't need any kind of keynote show.... and maybe the mini ... to with some improved specs ... as far fot the MB, that is what I'm waiting for ... shouldn't show up at least by the end of the month !!! But who KNOWS ..... ???? :rolleyes: A litle suprise would be nice !!!!
    I think the focus is on the iMac and mini. I have been waiting long enough for this...

    This is gonna be one hot upgrade:D :D

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  • AidenShaw
    Sep 9, 01:06 PM

    You are correct it is a rushed quad core. At least we get more cores out a little faster.
    The biggest advantage is that you get quad cores without having to pay for Xeon chipsets and memory.

    It's also big for the Windows/Linux side of the world. Much of the software is licensed per socket.

    - XP Home - 1 socket
    - XP Pro - 2 sockets
    - Win2k3 Server - 4 sockets

    With a quad core, you can run an 8 CPU XP Pro system without forking over the bucks for Windows Server. Add to that per-socket licensing for many software packages, and it's a huge cost savings.

    Though it's not the best implementation.
    Careful here - it's almost as good as the current Mac Pro quad configuration. There you have two dies communicating over the FSB and Northbridge...

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  • rdowns
    Apr 25, 08:57 AM
    I was going to ask what the D stands for but I guess that's kind of obvious.

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  • George Knighton
    Mar 11, 06:47 AM
    Wrong. It takes more than a swipe. It requires user interaction.
    Yes, it did, but let's be clear: It was the team's choice to need the degree of user interaction that was required. This is why it was patched so was a big security hole and when word got out how it could be done, Apple had to move quickly because almost anybody could do it.

    Is there nothing AV trolls won't stoop to in their vain efforts to sell their useless software?
    Probably not.

    But it might backfire on them. I can just imagine that future Apple operating systems might very well include native protection that wold continue to thwart people wanting to sell anti-malware for Apple OS.

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  • Willis
    Sep 10, 05:39 AM
    Well at least people who have brought MacPros can breathe easy now for a while. Basically because these Kentsfield's arent pin compatable with Woodcrest.

    However, trying to find a product that can take conroe is sort of pointless. There's no proof or rumours that Apple are working on a Midrange tower. AND even if Apple did release one with just a Conroe chip in it, it would eat iMac sales.

    It'd be nice to see one, but not likely

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  • However now White iPhone 4

  • greenstork
    Jul 17, 03:54 PM
    I'd bet it all that the iMac gets an Allendale with maybe a Conroe top-end option.

    That makes sense, it offers some product differentiation, and saves Apple a few pennies allowing them to offer a lower priced consumer desktop. Mac Pros will likely get at least one Woodcrest dualie model on the top end and perhaps a Conroe on the bottom but it is entirely possible that it will be Woodcrest across the board, to achieve economies of scale both in purchase power and motherboard engineering.

    Could someone answer me this, who actually understands the Core Microarchitecture. Is the Conroe extreme edition (2.93 GHz) a better high end gaming chip than a quad woodcrest setup, say at 2.66 GHz? I've heard more than a couple comments that the Conroe is better suited for gamers than a Woodcrest but this makes no sense to me. Again please, no fanboy speculators answering this, I'd really like to know the rationale using some expert technological analysis. What makes the conroe EE so expensive? At a higher cost than the 3.0 GHz Woodcrest, it must excel in some regard.

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  • white-verizon-iPhone-4

  • coal
    Sep 26, 09:13 AM
    The Cingular "Jack" logo will look great on that new Apple-made phone. :(

    Apr 30, 03:14 PM
    You are also stuck in current times. Physical media will be dead by then, everything is going to be cloud based, there will be no such thing as a physical copy of movies any more :)

    The bottleneck is internet speed. Until the world has South Korean-esque internet speeds, physical media isn't going anywhere.

    Apr 20, 01:18 PM
    This is a huge concern because of the use by law enforcement ( of the Cellebrite device to download and scrutinize the data in cell phones. Apparently, police departments in Michigan are using this device when pulling drivers on traffic violations. Here ( is another article on the use in Michigan.

    Cellebrite's widget is apparently able to download and scrutinize ( the data from a vast variety of mobile devices, including Blackberry phones and the iPhone.
    Isn't this illegal search and seizure?

    The ACLU is trying to get records from the Michigan State Police are using the devices under the FOIA. The MSP says that complying with the FOIA request would cost them money; they are asking for over $500,000 to provide the information.

    Read the articles I referenced above. I'd also recommend looking on the ACLU site to see what they have to say.

    Apr 20, 06:12 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    He's even got an awesome interview with Julian Assange. His documentary "The War You Don't See" is a must watch though.

    What does he say about the coming New World Order that Bush and Obama keep talking about, and also the coming North American Union + Amero?

    I'll personally give you 1 million Ameros if that happens in my lifetime (hopefully another 60 years!).

    I'm still finding it hard not to believe this is a parody.

    Sep 5, 06:59 PM
    As far as the streaming video possibilities go, I think it would be cool for Apple to include the ability to "project" the entire desktop onto a remote screen, like a TV or projector. The tech is already there, and I think that kind of functionality would be that much cooler and more practical than simply streaming audio/video content. I would love to use my PB's lid-closed mode wirelessly with the TV.

    Apr 4, 01:01 PM
    Humans are pre-programmed to take such an action hard. Some don't, usually as a result of contemplation and training before such an incident. It is, however, natural to react that way. Best for all to recognize different people may take such a grave matter very differently, and that's ok.

    Personally, if humans were pre-programmed to take killing another human so hard, I think we'd see a lot less senseless murder in the world.