Thursday, May 19, 2011

★★★★ TWEETY ★★★★


This isn't my t-shirt, but I wish it was because it reminds me of going to Six Flags Magic Mountain two weeks ago in Los Angeles! I rode my first set of 'real' roller coasters and have since become an amusement enthusiast. The outfit I wore to the park was significantly 'loonier' than this one, but I fear that it'd go under-appreciated. You might have picked up that I'm fascinated by dada fashion and trends founded on irony and satire, not classicism. It might even disappoint you to hear that I think making a visual statement is more important than conforming to any standard of couture beauty. I'd rather don a hideous oversize sweater from Wal-Mart's 2003 menswear collection than a Birkin bag if it meant that more people would turn their heads in the street. YA LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY.

Knit hat- Secondhand
Tweety bird shirt- Borrowed
Shorts- Volcom, Lulu*s,
Socks- Icing
Doc Martens- Buffalo Exchange

In somewhat related news, I'm coming back to Hollywood on Thursday and will be there till Tuesday. This time around I'll try to be a little more organized with my documentation of events, and hopefully outfits. Let me know if you have any travel advisory!

Add this to your spring soundtrack~

Everything is infinite,