Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • cult hero
    May 3, 03:07 PM
    "Apple OSX" and "3rd party device drivers" defines a place that is not a "happy place"

    No. No it's not.

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  • Number 41
    Mar 23, 05:11 PM
    Hopefully DWI checkpoints yield such low benefits from these apps that they become extinct although I doubt it. Hassling thousands of honest, sober citizens to catch the 1-2% legally intoxicated drivers isn't worth the price we all pay. I question our freedom in America each time I drive up to a checkpoint. If you're wondering, no I've never received a DWI nor driven intoxicated and I still hate these checkpoints. They don't make me feel safer on the road.

    Lobbying money from MADD and SADD pretty much ensures that random OVI checkpoints will never go away.

    There's no political capital in being perceived as "not tough enough" on drunk drivers.

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  • h00ligan
    Apr 20, 10:52 AM
    Thanks for actually updating it and replying to me. That's refreshing.

    No prob. Sorry I wasn't more verbose at first. I actually edited it fast (on my iPhone lol) but it took a min.

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  • Aperture
    Sep 10, 05:00 PM
    What time is the Sept. 12th event taking place? Anyone know? I am going to be in school and want to know if I am going to be able to get in on the action live. I doubt it though.:(

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  • ipoddin
    Aug 31, 06:30 PM
    Just guessing (obviously), but I just can't see where processor upgrades to MacBooks and/or Mini's and/or iMacs and/or MacBook Pros warrant a big ol' SF > London-streamed Stevenote.

    Nah. This feels bigger. Smells more of an iPod/Movie Store announcement to me.

    My crazy/he's hitting the rock again call of the day would be that on the 12th, Steve shocks the world with a redefinition of the whole mobile phone experience. Announcing the new iPod phone.

    Where's my pipe?

    You're probably right. An event isn't the place to only announce processor upgrades to the current line. Something bigger is to be announced and the processor upgrades thrown in for good measure!

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  • musiclover137
    Sep 13, 09:23 PM
    Go away- just go away.

    Can we all just agree not to talk about this thing until it is actually out? There is so much BS about this thing, maybe it does not deserve anything until two weeks after it is out... if ever.

    So, we have gone from some prankster photoshopping his Apple wet dreams to official macrumors photoshoping up rumors (shakes head)...

    You might be on the wrong site if you don't enjoy endless speculation and um.....RUMORS.

    Welcome to MacRumors. I forgot to look if you were a newbie, but you might want to get used to this kind of thing.

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  • jasper77
    Sep 5, 04:31 PM
    ok, just made a quick mockup of what i would like to see announced next week :cool:

    and make shure it also works with video_ts folders and avi/divx files (maybe via a front row API for third party developers like VLC?) ;)

    this would perfectly complement that itunes movie store

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  • darbus69
    Apr 4, 11:47 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    ultimate fanboys pay the price, ouch?!?!

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  • ImNoSuperMan
    Sep 14, 02:42 PM
    and what happened to that Apple patent for thousands of small camera embedded on the LCD?

    Dont expect it to see the light for atleast 2-3 years minimum. Any company wud like to get it`s idea patented asap. A minor lag in getting a patent could prove disastrous. Apple has already been punched in the face by creative just coz they got the patent earlier than Apple.

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  • Warbrain
    Sep 26, 08:50 AM
    Yeah, but not if it's locked. I had to call up my provider and beg for my unlock code so that I could use *my* phone in Asia, and then they said yes, and never sent it to me. Call them back, and...well..rinse, repeat.

    What about people like me who travel a lot and want to pop in SIM cards in other places? I'm sick and tired of the U.S. market and all of its stupid contract / vendor lock-in ********.

    Pity to see Apple on that bandwagon; I hope they just sell the phone in the Apple Store unlocked, and let us choose the carrier we want.

    But then they need to build two different phones based on two different sets of components and it would end up being too expensive in the end. Yes, the provider of the service will give you the unlock code for when you want to travel, but Apple and any other company that makes a cell phone will never be able to sell unlocked phones in this country and allow you to choose which provider you want. Nokia is trying it now at their two stores in Chicago and New York, but I can tell you that it's not going to work.

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  • KingYaba
    Oct 27, 03:29 PM
    Effin hippies bug off.

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  • cube
    May 3, 11:13 AM
    Ivy Bridge will bring it up to 3 displays. AMD has 6 displays for embedded systems now.

    These iMacs have discrete chips supporting 6 displays, too. But they are crippled by Thunderbolt, like the MBPs.

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  • twoodcc
    Aug 31, 01:27 PM
    all we can do is hope and pray

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  • supremedesigner
    Aug 31, 11:33 AM
    Merom MacBook Pro + Conroe iMac + speedbumped Mac mini + iTunes movie downloads + widescreen video iPod

    Maybe black iMac?

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  • G33kTech
    Feb 23, 12:59 PM
    It makes sense. iProducts are increasingly becoming ubiquitous, therefore they will become more profitable for malware developers to attack. It's not a McAfee sales pitch so much as it's stating the obvious. Same with Android.

    I agree, but at the same time Both Apple and Android use a Unix based OS. Unix based OS's are what run the internet (linux mainly). Their operating systems will be strong security wise by default. Because Unix is an open system, security holes are found and can be easily patched in the open source community, Apple and Android both benefit from using Unix based operating systems, because Unix based systems are also responsible for holding up the fundamental infrastructure of what we call the internet.

    Also, android has free anti-virus scanners available in there market. Apple may have some too. I think mcafee is just trying to sell product, but if I was them i would want to sell my product to EVERY person who had Android or iOS based phone, simply because that is a VERY large user base.

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  • Dmac77
    Apr 25, 01:18 AM
    umm good luck with that. My father has a ticket to prove other wise. He made the mistake and cut off a guy who was speeding by mistake. Cop handed him a ticket for illegal lane changed and the other guy a ticket for doing 20 over the limit.
    It was declared a no fault and both were on their own. Both cars totaled.

    You cut her off therefor made an unsafe lane changed. Legally you should of given her enough room to be able to adjust for you. Add to the fact you are 16 and chances are would be a witness or 2 saying you were speeding. Your word vs hers and your word is pretty worthless.
    And if you did if they can prove malice or road rage you just increased your charges and heck could be nailed for insurance fraud as well.

    You are proving to us all that you should not have a DL. You just are increasing the case that you should not be behind a wheel of a car.

    On and do not use the argument that the car can do 186 mph. Sorry that is for another country. Top it off I am pretty sure my car can out handle your car.

    Well I'm sorry to hear that happened to your father. My mother was in a similar situation a few years back. She cut off an idiot doing 20 under the speed limit, slammed on the brakes, and there was a wreck. The guy she cut off was found to be at fault for not maintaining a proper distance, my mother was not found at fault. She openly told the cops that she had just passed the guy, and after she passed she thought she saw a squirrel enter the road, so she slammed on the breaks. On top of doing $15,000 grand worth of damage to the guys car (which he had to pay for due to not having broadform insurance) she then sued him for her $2,000 deductible, and won. Sucks to be him, maybe he does the speed limit now.

    EDIT: @ EricNau - what do you guys not understand about "she was doing 65mph is a 70mph zone" which she then lowered to 55mph after brakechecking me????????


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  • shelterpaw
    Oct 27, 11:27 AM
    I'm all for people making others take notice of environmental problems. It's a good thing. I do my share by recycling, conserving gas, and buying organic foods when possible. However, I don't agree when they step over the line and cause damage or put people in harms way. When ELF burned all those vehicles, that's going way over the line. Passing flyers outside of your booth isn't way over the line IMO, but if they broke the rules then they're subject to the consequences.

    If activists do things in a mature respectable fashion, they'll get so much further than screaming in people's ear. Throwing paint on people whom wear fur coats is only going to make people hate activits. The best way is to educate and make people aware of what they're doing. Appeal to their emotions and you'll go much father.

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  • bruinsrme
    Apr 10, 07:55 PM
    This is the end product of capitalism and/or neoliberal policies. Look into "the race to the bottom" in terms of international relations.

    All by design. All well understood, but rarely spoken about to the public.

    People have been but are written off as being "out there"

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  • j800r
    Apr 22, 10:06 AM
    If the cloud is left as just an option, then i'm all for it. So long as the iTunes store also exists in the format it is today. I have a massive music collection currently sitting at around 140GB and constantly growing. I like owning copies of the music. Not to do anything illegal with, but I like being responsible for the music. I can already take my music collection with my wherever I go. It's called my iPod Classic. I already have my entire iTunes library backed up. It's called Time Machine. I think SYNCHING via the cloud and having it there as just an option is a great idea, for people who want it, but if they made it cloud only, and took away the ability to download then that would only increase the level of piracy in time. Very much like DRM did. Record companies thought this was a great idea to restrict usage and prevent piracy. Turned out more people were turning to pirated music because of the restrictions that had been placed on them.

    To sum up. The cloud should be an OPTION, not compulsory.

    Apr 30, 01:58 PM
    If you look closely though, Microsoft made LESS in revenue ($16billion to Apple's 20billion) but almost equally matches Apple in profit (5.3 billion to Apple's ~6billion). All things equal, Microsoft is still a better company in terms of profitability range due to their significant lower revenue but a close call on profit standards.

    Aug 23, 05:28 PM
    Another spin on all of this is the fact they just get 100 million from apple and now they decided to spend mega bucks on it over here in the uk up untill reacently we hardly sore a advert for ipods or apple computers saw a lot of adds for creative zen but bugger all for ipods which is better i wonder ie market leader who dosnt push the advertising or the people who advertise a lot and still dont have a large market share ....

    To put it politely theres to many fingers in this pie and end of the day i know which system i prefer i aint saying its apple and its ipod either :D

    Sep 13, 11:19 PM
    I'm calling for another invite to go out w/ in the next 2 weeks saying "One More Thing" and we'll get the phone and the true vPod

    one question any word on who will suport this COpany wise like Verizion cingular nextell etc or will this start off like The Espn phone?

    Mar 22, 01:42 PM
    Please bring back the 24"! 21" - too small. 27" - too big. 24" - just right!

    I'm sticking with my 24" Core2Duo until a new 24" model is released.

    I actually read somewhere that due to the way LCD panels are manufactured that there are various sizes that can be cut. Supposedly Apple is wasting several inches of panel by having an off size. I think it's possible that the 24" might just make its way back into the lineup as the new low end iMac. However, I think we would hear rumors of that ahead of time. Maybe with the next design change. I think 2012 will be a big year for the return of the Mac. There are rumors of MBP changes, and it seems like Apple could cut down the size of the "chin" and make the iMac look like the 27" LED ACD with just display showing from the front.

    Anyways, I have a 27" LED ACD, and from my experience it's too big. I really love the size of it but it's a double edged sword. I found that the 24" was just right, but I would prefer the resolution of the 27" only in 16:10 format in the 24" ACD. I think Apple needs to also go for a 30" for the professionals out there that want bigger. I think a consumer perfect size is probably 24" while pros might want 30" or even larger. I am with you in wanting some better sizes in both iMacs and the ACDs with them. I do find it odd that the only size ACD is 27" while that's bigger and more expensive than most consumers care for, and Apple is all about consumers now.

    Sep 14, 09:32 AM
    Photokina is a photo convention. Not a computer convention.

    yes, and photo software runs on computers. "This is the new Aperture. and it will run beautifully on the new C2D Macbook Pro I just announced. Boom. does this... Boom, does that...etc..."

    EDIT: iMeowbot beat me to it, but what he/she said