Saturday, May 14, 2011

real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey

real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. 17 Spanish quot;Copa del Reyquot;
  • 17 Spanish quot;Copa del Reyquot;

  • shigzeo
    Apr 19, 07:42 PM
    Whatever happens, and no matter how stupid I think this lawsuit is, I hope Samsung get a stinker on their international image where people think they are some cute Korean company. As stated many times in this thread, they are the biggest conglomerate in the world and could swallow Apple whole. Hell, they could swallow Venezuela whole, and maybe even Canada. In Korea, they even run the government through many arms.

    Comparing an electronics company (Apple) to a freaking giant lizard conglomerate that owns everything and (a little and) electronics, is as stupid as can be. In the age of the internet, why not read a little, first, and then comment on that shytebag murderous bloated tax-evading totalitarian regime known as Samsung.

    real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. Real Madrid claimed the
  • Real Madrid claimed the

  • Stridder44
    Apr 25, 01:30 PM
    I can't wait. I liked the materials and certain aspects of the current generation, but overall it never really did it for me. I'm excited to see what they'll do next.

    real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. Promo Champions League Real
  • Promo Champions League Real

  • MattSepeta
    Apr 18, 03:37 PM
    The very fact that people think they "deserve" vacation days is mind-boggling. Why should you "Deserve" to get paid a single dime you did not earn?

    I work about 60% self-employed free lance, and 40% at my old "day job". Guess what. Neither one offers me "vacation days". Am I miserable? Hardly!

    If I want a vacation day, I simply do not work. That also means I do not get paid. It would seem mighty pretentious of me to be expect pay for work not done.

    If you want a job with more vacation days, FIND ONE! no one owes you a darn thing, certainly not pay for days off.

    real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. Real Madrid in party mode
  • Real Madrid in party mode

  • EagerDragon
    Sep 14, 08:00 PM
    I have just received two copies of Aperture - what is Apple's policy on this - do I just have to go and buy upgrade two weeks later. :(
    I suggest you return them quick.

    real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. Valencia – Real Madrid slowly
  • Valencia – Real Madrid slowly

  • MacinDoc
    Sep 14, 12:21 PM
    But since everyone's discussing MBP's, I guess it fits.

    I know the Merom chip is compatible with the current boards in the CD MBP, but I've never heard anyone actually say that a CD MBP can be upgraded by simply dropping in a Merom chip. Will this be possible?
    Not unless you are good with soldering and don't mind voiding your warranty - the CD chip is soldered onto the motherboard. Also, a firmware update would be required, and may not be available.

    real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. Real Madrid vs Barcelona Copa
  • Real Madrid vs Barcelona Copa

  • jiggie2g
    Jul 14, 02:41 PM

    Compare Core Duo vs. AMD. At least until someone does a Core Duo vs. Core 2 Duo benchmark.

    AMD 64 , Core 1 , G5 all perform similar , Core 2 on the other hand is a different beast with a 20% boost clock per clock. so a good measure of performance would be to take a clock seed number then add 20% to get the equalivilancy performance. For the 2MB C2D's we can lower figure this to say
    14%. Based on what i see on Anandtech.

    Example :

    Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 1.86ghz + 14% = 2.12ghz G5/X2/CD

    Core 2 Duo E6600 @2.4ghz + 20% = 2.88ghz G5/X2/CD

    Core 2 Extreme X6800 @ 2.93ghz + 20% = 3.51ghz G5/X2/CD

    Now u see why Steve wet his pants when he saw these chips over a year ago. Then Decided to switch , He knew if he had not. Apple's platform would be dead in the water.

    real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. Lyon v Real Madrid - UEFA
  • Lyon v Real Madrid - UEFA

  • FFTT
    Sep 3, 07:42 PM
    This is torture for me too.

    My oldest daughter's birthday is the 7th and she's already expecting
    a notebook.

    real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. UEFA Champion#39;s League - Real
  • UEFA Champion#39;s League - Real

  • coder12
    May 3, 11:08 AM
    What do people prefer? I've heard quite bad things about the Magic Mouse, the majority of people saying they find it uncomfortable etc?

    As I already have a good Logitech wireless mouse, would it be a better combination to use that plus the Trackpad?

    I'm personally a big fan of the mighty mouse. I have smaller hands, and also use bettertouchtool. I find certain maneuvers difficult with it still (like 3 finger swipes), but obviously I opt'd in for that ;)

    They're both very nice pieces of hardware, with separate purposes. I'll be honest and say that if I had the choice between the two, I'd buy the trackpad:
    a. Gestures on Lion feel better with it imho.
    b. I use the keyboard for almost everything, and moving over to a mouse which I'll need to move farther away from my keyboard is irritating. The trackpad stays in one spot.
    c. You already have a nice mouse ;)

    real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. real madrid copa del rey
  • real madrid copa del rey

  • lmalave
    Oct 27, 10:02 AM
    If, say, Steinberg didn't like the fact that girls were hanbding out Protools leaflets in the aisles near their stand do you think Protools would have been kicked out?

    If they had already been forewarned and did it anyway, then yes, a company would have probably been kicked out (especially if they continued after a second warning).

    Have you ever been to a tech convention? It is *not* a free-for-all where people roam around handing out fliers anywhere on the convention floor. Vendors are expected to stick to their designated booth that they paid for. Conventions make money by charging for floorspace. What kind of leverage would they have to charge for premium or larger floorspace, if vendors could just get the smallest booth possible, but then flood the convention floor with people handing out brochures? Even though Greenpeace is not a vendor and probably received their booth space pro-bono, they should still stick to the convention floor rules.

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  • jessica.
    Apr 25, 09:13 AM
    Interesting coincidence. I just got off the line with someone who just told me how her brother was killed 2 weeks ago in a car wreck. A 16 year old was doing 55 in a 35 in a brand new Toyota truck, he hit her brother, t-boned, and he was killed instantly.

    So yes, at 16 when you're speeding, you're clearly an awesome and safe driver. :rolleyes: I'm sure this could have happened to anyone by anyone, but at 16 in a nice fancy new car, I'm betting you're more impressed with yourself than you are with the laws on the road.

    I'm 20 going 2x the speed limit, in this case the posted limit is 80mph (my car won't go any faster...)

    safe driving has nothing to do with age, in face most elderly people are utterly horrible drivers. It all has to do with attention span, (which elderly people just don't have all together) to the point, so long as no one/thing is distracting most young people are great drives.

    edit: @xboxer75010 hahahahahahahah

    I disagree. At 16 you lack the years of experience that come in handy when traveling at such high speeds. However, I agree with yg17, it's a bell curve. Elderly people seem to regress into the 16 year old drivers of today. (well some, some 16 year olds think driving 20 mph over the limit is safe and funtastic!)

    real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. real madrid 2011 copa del rey
  • real madrid 2011 copa del rey

  • toddybody
    May 3, 11:04 AM
    Very, Very cool move to allow a swap for the track pad instead of the magic mouse. +1 Apple.

    The magic mouse is a total POS IMHO.

    Razer Mouse + iMac FTW

    real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. real madrid copa del rey 2011
  • real madrid copa del rey 2011

  • MattyMac
    Sep 15, 06:43 PM
    I'll be very tempted if it has;
    All the display info in the latest iPods
    4-8 GB
    Full iLife intergration (iSync, iTunes, iPhoto, iCal, Address book (with pictures), Mail)
    Earphones (Pref BT and acts as hands free)

    iChat with BT for Audio?
    IR remote feature
    Light / Flash

    Wow...that would be ideal! Mucho $$ too.

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  • Real Madrid should struggle

  • macrem
    Apr 19, 04:54 PM
    McAfee faces increasing demand for Macs by its employees, Apple Says.

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  • Real Madrid 2011 Live at

  • macklos
    Sep 26, 07:55 PM
    Cingular cellular service is only decent in a few areas and their customer service is the worst I've ever come across. If Apple wants to maintain/boost their image, Cingular will not help them in that area, not at all. Judging by this forum those things appear to be almost unanimous. I'd say it would be a bad move on Apples part to make an exclusive deal with Cingular for any bit of time. Anything longer than 6 months and Apple doesn't stand a chance succeeding. With competition mounting in the ipod arena, not updating their intel product fast enough and this. I'm afraid Apple will be hurting. Not something I wanna see.

    real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. Real Madrid - Barcelona
  • Real Madrid - Barcelona

  • jaknudsen
    Apr 13, 09:20 AM
    Could the "Airplay vs. Sonos" discussion please continue in a separate thread? As different implementations of the RAOP hack will appear, this thread will continue to be worth a subscription.

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  • MBPro825
    Apr 10, 01:20 PM
    Obviously McAfee has a vested interest is spewing "fear FUD" such as this. :rolleyes:

    Interesting isn't it how McAfee could benefit from these "New security threats"

    real madrid 2011 champions copa del rey. Real Madrid players celebrate
  • Real Madrid players celebrate

  • hulugu
    Apr 11, 12:13 AM
    Is all relative. If you take my home country, it'll be around $1.32/hour pay for minimum wage. You get 2 weeks vacation and equivalent pay. Oh and down there they treat you like crap because of the infuriating high 35% unemployment rate. So everyone looks out for their job even if it means sucking up.

    Here in the US you can fight it. So yeah. Also Europe has more taxes than the US. Consecuently we get taxed even lower than the US. But still $315.50 a month is barely covering cost of living even for my country.

    Care to complain now?

    Sure, regardless of the situation in other countries�South America?�the question is whether this is a problem in the U.S. and I think it is, and the comparison of a Swedish company using the US like the US uses Mexico, for cheap labor, should be a wakeup call to the US that our current economic policies are making us Mexico to Europe.

    This sounds like IKEA is the one being a bitch.

    I can't see how this is "the right's" fault. If so, why doesn't "the left" step in a help out?

    As Ugg pointed out, the 'right' has pushed for anti-union policies, including 'right-to-work' status for states like Virginia. That said, I don't think this is a 'right' or 'left' issue per se, but rather a gleeful removal of worker's rights to garner jobs�regardless of the health of a community funded by low-wage, short-term positions.

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  • gekko513
    Aug 23, 05:27 PM
    What exactly was this patent for? Why doesn't it affect other players and music services besides iPod+iTunes?

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  • turbo79
    Nov 16, 07:29 AM
    When the iPhone 3G was first released, I rushed out and bought one. A year down the line, I gave it to a family member and switched to a Blackberry Bold.

    I absolutely love the thoughtful design that goes into all Apple products, I own an Apple desktop, an Apple laptop, an Apple iPod and various other Apple paraphernalia. However, I didn't gel with the crippled iPhone and am much happier with my Blackberry.

    It has 75% of the fun features of the iPhone and a slew of others that make it a smarter choice - background apps, Google Latitude running all the time, emails arriving instantly, uncapped international data roaming for �20 extra a month on o2 amongst many others - and being able to type an entire email whilst you walk!

    Due to RIM not having a stranglehold over the device's application pool (unlike Apple), there are a lot of fugly applications available, but also a lot of great ones. If you're starting out with the Blackberry, I highly recommend Ubertwitter, BeWeather, Google Sync, Facebook and the Flickr Uploader as high quality apps.

    Machead III
    Sep 4, 04:03 AM
    Oh man, this just get's more and more confusing.

    Now The Register are claiming there'll be Merom's not only in the MacBook Pro, but in the MacBook too in September.

    I wish Apple'd tell us when we'll see them at least, on the 12th, but that's not going to happen :(

    May 3, 01:57 PM
    And would the same setup work in bootcamp (ie using eyefinity)?

    Probably, but it might depend on whether you can download the Windows 7 drivers from ATI, or whether you have to use Apple's dual boot drivers. (ATI's drivers would be much more likely to support all of the GPU features.)

    Is TB able to have both channels send (or receive) at the same time?

    Your question should be "can TBolt 'team' two channels for double bandwidth on one connection"?

    For your question, the answer is "yes" if you can have two simultaneous 10 Gb/sec links. For my version, the answer is yes if you can have one 20 Gb/sec link.

    Yes and anyway first you have to put it out there for other companies to make stuff for it. Business class 101 :rolleyes:

    Shipping sometime this summer - so the answer is "no, there are no TBolt devices available to buy".

    The real worry about this fact, though, is that no Apples have been tested with openly purchased TBolt peripherals. I wonder how many software updates, firmware revisions, or motherboard replacements will be needed before TBolt devices work reliably without kernel panics.

    Apr 22, 07:50 AM
    the music labels are a greedy bunch and I can only see them agreeing to a cloud service if it gives them back a lot of the control they lost when music went digital. will it not be too long until all music is purchased in digital format and only accessible via a cloud service. this means thats actually having a copy of a song (to share) will be a thing of the past. You pay your $9.99 for an album and happily listen to it for a couple of years, then the labels decided that album is more valuable than the original price and ask you for another $2 if you wish to access it again from the cloud. This model even though the details have not been unveiled reminds me of Adobe's master plan to rent Photoshop on a per month basis. It is a way to keep the "pirates at bay" and control pricing and their customers. This could be a big step backwards for consumers who will most likely be blinded by the 24/7 convenience of the service without stopping to think what they might be loosing.

    Apr 4, 11:53 AM
    Guys if you read the article the robber completely deserved it. Gunfire was exchanged, meaning they shot at the security guard who rightfully dispatched the piece of **** criminal.

    I know for many in this thread its easy to play armchair security guard but in real life, if someone shoots at you and you know its you or them I'm pretty sure you'd shoot back.

    Apr 20, 05:28 AM

    Because of them most of the US is obese..
    So, you're against personal responsibility then?