Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • h00ligan
    Apr 20, 10:52 AM
    Thanks for actually updating it and replying to me. That's refreshing.

    No prob. Sorry I wasn't more verbose at first. I actually edited it fast (on my iPhone lol) but it took a min.

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  • OrangeSVTguy
    Mar 23, 06:35 PM
    Is this more about removing drunk drivers from the road-which it won't because of the tax revenue from beer sales, or is this about getting more money from people paying fines, from DUIs, speeding etc. Yes it's always about about money.

    Seriously if you want to remove drunk drivers, prohibition(which I seriously doubt).

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  • aristotle
    Nov 13, 05:03 PM
    Serious, dude. You seem to be like those people who have their fingers in their ears singing "la, la, la, la, la I can't hear you".

    Apple is the copyright holder of those images and they provide the right to use those images in Applications running on macs via the API on a Mac running OS X. Rogue Amoeba was taking those images and distributing them via a WiFi network to another device where they have not licensed the display of those specific icons. This is really no different than if you licensed icons for use in your desktop application and then decided to use it in a few websites or a client server app without clearing it with the licenser first.

    Rogue Amoeba could avoided all of those trouble by supplying their own icons. It also appears from the screenshot that they were taking two icons from OS X and superimposing them on each other.

    There is one possibility that perhaps not been considered. What if Apple does not own the exclusive copyright to those images and has instead licensed them for a specific use within OS X on a mac and any other use would be a violation of that license?

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  • Warbrain
    Apr 20, 12:35 PM
    and btw, google stores location data allll the time.

    Every single search is localized in some sense. Google is keeping track of where you are based off GPS or IP address. This is why I don't have an issue with this; I'd rather have the file on my computer than with a company that we aren't sure is going to be on the good side for long.

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Sep 13, 09:25 AM
    I was expecting more....but I'm a 'glass half empty' sort of fella

    I was hoping for a colour choice from the new iPods, but so of the new features are cool.

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  • macsmurf
    Apr 19, 07:34 AM
    The Nexus S looks different to the Galaxy S in software and physical looks but is included in the suit. As that is a Google experience device I do wonder why Apple don't target Google directly.

    Google probably have a kickass patent portfolio so they'll just countersue.

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  • bretm
    Oct 27, 10:47 AM
    Meh, don't worry about the batteries. Sure, some people have problems, but my 3G ipod is still doing surprisingly well! It may have lost a little bit of charge since I bought it but it still lasts at least 7 hours. Maybe I'm just lucky. Or maybe it knows it needs to behave before the sweet widescreen video ipod comes out. Or else. :D

    Nah, my 3G rocks too. I too am waiting to see what's next. I have a crappy phone and no pda. I'd love some sort of pda pod.

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  • Tommyg117
    Sep 4, 09:26 PM
    Cool, but I'd rather have a more powerful faster airport extreme.

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Oct 27, 10:06 AM
    And Greenpeace wonder why people don't take them very seriously.....

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  • Skika
    Apr 25, 03:54 PM
    The "step forward" of which you speak, of which is the basis of this article, is only in regards to the exterior design, nothing else. Sure if they improve upon the durability and the ease of servicing, that'll be a decent step forward, otherwise, we're talking about cosmetics, and again while most of the people who lurk these forums care about form over function, function is all that matters and it won't be that different next rev, redesign or not.

    Herp derp. Im pretty sure there will be a minor spec bump as well, and exterior design in a laptop is a pretty important feature or a "function and should be taken in consideration just as well (or not even more) than a new "ixy procesor" and a "8650 gt mx" graphics card, which in most cases just serve as a hard on for spec geeks.

    why am i even responding you are clearly bitter and are writing purely from that bitterness.

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  • EspressoLove
    Apr 22, 07:08 PM
    This may have been asked and answered before, but is the common belief that USB and Firewire will be completely gone soon? For example, my Macbook Air has room for only two ports - a mini-display drive, and a USB drive. Is the idea that the Thunderbolt drive will replace the USB, and that purchasers of the new Air will use an adapter of some sort for "old" USB peripherals moving forward?

    If Apple has this expectation, they had better at least sell an appropriate adapter/hub. I've long thought a thin, form-matching hub that connects to all of the ports on one side of an Apple portable would be a great idea. If Apple can make a 2- or even 3-port USB hub off of the Thunderbolt port (especially if a Mini Display-Port is also available) for ~$50, that would be golden for this type of MBA plan.

    You both think into it too much:
    - FireWire was gone from Apple's "future of notebooks" since the beginning of time (2008:rolleyes:)
    - Thunderbolt is not replacing USBs, it's a supplement to DisplayPort (and can connect to both display and peripherals simultaneously)

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  • Hwangsta
    Apr 4, 11:43 AM
    A mall cop having to shoot someone in the head...he'll probably need some counseling.

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  • bloodycape
    Aug 24, 02:20 AM
    What many people fail to realize it Creative had some accessories that have adapters that work with the Shuffle and the ipod however this alows them to actually put the "made for ipod" tag on it.

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  • TheKrillr
    Aug 28, 12:55 PM
    It makes more sense for Apple to wait for tomorrow, anyway. This way, they can avoid being drowned out by the other manufacturer's announcements and simultaneously steel their fanfare. They'll probably do something like "New, with Merom, and more..." and add on another fancy feature or two to each thing to outdo the other laptop guys.

    Though, I still think they're coming on the 18th of sept.

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  • hexor
    May 3, 10:58 AM
    What about 1080p support when the iMac is used as a monitor? I use a Kanex XD to watch Blu-ray movies on my 2009 iMac but it is limited to 720p. "This is due to limitation of the iMac 27" as a display which accepts only 1280x720(720p) or 2560x960 resolution base on the display EDID," the product's official site explains. "If and when the iMac 27" accepts a 1920x1080(1080p) resolution the Kanex XD will be able to output at 1080p."

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  • macintel4me
    Sep 4, 09:51 PM
    who knows they might release a mini mac style media centre with OSX that will be used to download the movies and allow you to burn it straight to DVD/Blueray lol :cool:
    Okay, a FrontRow/AirPort Express/iTunes-downloadable Media Center device is SWEET!! I bet that is EXACTLY what we see Apple delivering!!

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  • rtdunham
    Aug 23, 08:29 PM
    They still can. Apple can turn around tomorrow and buy Creative for what it's worth and would have in essence paid itself the $100M. :D

    in a corporate acquisition, there's a purchase price, and at settlement the buyer pays the purchase price plus the value of assets such as cash, so the scenario you describe, while possible, is not likely the way it would unfold. imho.

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  • jackaninny
    Mar 29, 12:43 PM
    yes profit is so, so important for us consumers.


    Ask Nokia customers how important profit is.

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  • NeroAZ
    Apr 4, 12:42 PM
    I was born and raised in San Diego, and yes I've been to Chula Vista (Chula Juana), and National City (Nasty City), scummy areas near the Tijuana border. I'm NOT at all surprised by this.

    I'm sure some locals of those scummy areas may chime in.

    That being said, it really doesn't specify in the article, but a lot of the Apple stores I've been to have off duty cops standing by the doors during business hours, not sure about before they open.

    R2D2 xx
    Mar 22, 01:13 PM
    What about the Mac Pro? It's way past due, would that come first, before the iMac?

    apple doesn't sell as many mac pro's so it's at the end of the list

    Aug 28, 12:33 PM
    Assuming they release it tomorrow, would it be available at the apple store right away(not the online store)? :confused:

    Unlikely. It almost always takes time for these to show up at the retail location.

    May 3, 03:00 PM
    Wow, over 160 posts, a glossy monitor on the new iMac, and we haven't had a matte vs. glossy fistfight yet.

    Jul 14, 08:20 PM
    Is it more than a G5? I see someone posted PowerMac processor power consumption, but those were dual processors in a PowerMac. I want to see how much power the single G5 in an iMac consumed.The 970FX specifications are littered in my earlier posts in this thread and in the Woodcrest thread.

    I believe it was along the lines of 80w of power with 25-47w TDP.

    Sep 10, 08:20 AM
    The iMacs will NEVER see Kentsfields. Apple would have to have put Conroe in the new iMacs for that even to be a remote possibility. Even if they had I would still say it would never get Kentsfields.

    I mean people are saying that Conroe is too hot for the iMac as it is (I don't think they are) but Kentsfield is two Conroe dies on one package. Meaning almost double the power consumption and heat generation.You appear to have no imagination. Kentsfield Will Go Into A New iMac Redesign. Have you not seen this mock-up yet? There are options in design that can make the iMac much cooler even with more heat producing elements inside.The iMac is huge (relatively speaking), are you telling me such a huge enclosure won't be able to dissipitate an extra 30W or so? It is only around 30W more!

    Like it or not Apple will have to somehow fit the Kentsfield into their lineup, cos their advertising campaigns are going to look very lame when Dell simply cops their "switch" campaign style and come out with a "PC" with 4 heads and a "Mac" with only 2.

    When Kentfield replaces Conroes and every $999 Dell ships with quad core, it is quite hard to justify buying a dual (in Apple's case, a $2000+ quad)Exactly generik. Bravo.

    I don't buy the notion that the iMac will continue to look like it has for these past two years. The G4 iMac design lasted 2.66 years. We are at the 2 year point of the current design. Why does everyone think the iMac is going to look like it does now in a year? I will be shocked if it does and not surprised at all when it's design changes radically to accomidate more heat from the likes of Kentsfield and Tigerton.