Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • iJawn108
    Sep 13, 09:19 PM
    I dont' think the "iPhone" would have a traditional keypad at all.

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  • Piggie
    Apr 15, 03:14 PM
    And no BluRay. ;)

    Ah, remember, the general consumer is not interested in the specs of BluRay, a nice 720p is plenty good enough so we are told.

    Only geeks worry about such specs.

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  • mazola
    Sep 5, 03:14 PM
    Steve's debuting a new series of "I'm a Mac" TV ads.


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  • Zeldain
    Mar 22, 02:38 PM
    The Mac Pro is NOT overdue! No update until spring 2012 when SB server chips are readily available.

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  • lmalave
    Sep 27, 09:52 AM
    I really hope Apple doesn't jump on the camera-phone bandwagon. Seems to go against their philosophy of having devices that do few things but to them far better. And it would make the phone useless to me. But that's just because my employers are sensitive about such devices, with the nuclear reactors and all.

    And signing on with Cingular or any other major carrier seems like an even bigger mistake. The only way to truly improve the cell phone user experience is to take them out of the picture and introduce a fair and simple billing system (i.e. MVNO w/ daily flat rate, iTunes-style micropayments). makes computers, remember? I agree that the success of the iPod is largely due to its elegant and simple design, but Apple also makes MacBooks, iMacs, etc. that are consumer-focused, elegant, and easy to use, yet provide rich functionality.

    The thing is, the mobile phone is moving inexorably to essentially be a universal handheld communicator/computer that used to be the stuff of sci-fi films. Acually, if you ask me, the primary "must-have" on the phone of the near-future is high-speed internet access (3G+), not music or camera features. That being said, i think the music and camera features go hand-in-hand with high-speed internet. I think in addition to being able to download songs, you'll be able to listen to iTunes radio stations through the iPhone (if not at launch, then eventually). And having mobile phones acting as video phones will become common, too. Can you say iChat on your mobile phone?

    So there you have the long term vision of the iPhone: a phone enabled with iTunes mobile, iChat mobile, PhotoBooth mobile. Not to mention QuickTime mobile, Safari mobile (ok, no need here really - I'm happy with Opera mini), Mail Mobile, iCal Mobile, Address Book mobile, etc. Not to mention the ability to play both the new iPod games and the huge amount of Java Mobile games already available.

    I have to say, I already own a Sony Ericsson phone that already has most of the above features. What I am looking for from the iPhone is
    1) all the same features as my SE phone, except done a little bit better
    2) more seamless integration with my MacBook (though I have 3rd party software do do everything now)
    3) a true 3G multimedia phone experience (my T-Mobile contract was up just this month, and the only reason I haven't immediately switched to Cingular and gotten the 3.5G LG CU500 phone is because I'm willing to hold out a few months to see what the iPhone has to offer)

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  • AidenShaw
    Mar 22, 11:13 PM
    At least I won't have to wait 22 years to actually use it =p

    Are you sure? What ThunderPort devices are you planning to buy? When will they be available?

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  • SilianRail
    Apr 14, 03:07 PM
    in all seriousness people, this thing is going to scare people off...Hideous

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  • mcarnes
    Sep 19, 01:50 PM
    How long would it take to download a two hour 1080p movie?

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  • dondark
    Sep 13, 11:46 PM
    9) Quit asking about live iChat video chat, it AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. A possible related item would be iChat texting (similar to current AOL, Yahoo, ICQ).[/QUOTE]

    Its just some kind of 3G and Skype technology, It s not hard to do it. But I think Apple isnt rich enuf to do that in the market.

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  • SilianRail
    Apr 16, 03:13 PM
    These protocols last like a decade. 60 MB/s is slow today, can't imagine it being bearable in 5-10 years.

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  • wpwj40e
    Sep 13, 10:16 PM
    Maybe the reason for not having a traditional keypad is that this is actually the iPhone Shuffle.

    Apple's market research team has concluded that people get tired of talking to the same people all time. And since the iPod Shuffle is such a hit playing songs randomly,
    the new iPhone Shuffle will randomly dial numbers, so every call you make is never boring.

    Got more than 240 numbers in your adressbook? No problem. Let iTunes autofill your iPhone shuffle and get a new telephonic experience every time. Mom follows Work. Home follows Pizza Parlor. iPhone shuffle loves to improvise. Take the Shuffle switch, for instance. Even if you�ve synced a particular call-list, you can shuffle numbers with a flick.


    My phone does that now. Little did I know it is a *feature*.


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  • ucfgrad93
    Apr 25, 01:29 AM
    I really don't think it is necessary to call me or any member of my family "pathetic." There's nothing wrong with manipulating the system to your advantage, if you do it for a valid purpose (such as teaching a crappy driver a lesson).


    So, to teach someone a lesson, your mom caused an accident, lied to the police and as a result the other driver had to pay out almost $20,000.

    You and your mother are pathetic. Hopefully, someday you will be on the receiving end of someone who games the system and it costs you big time.

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  • HiRez
    Sep 19, 10:48 PM
    Considering that they sold "010101010's", I think an extra $50M is extraordinary. Apple ripped 75 DVDs, made a few web pages and boom... $1M in 7 days! I don't know what you're talking about... you're thinking small... $50M/YR is JUST THE BEGINNING.I agree, consider that the Disney's cut of the $50 million is almost pure profit for them (very little overhead). They don't even have to pay bandwidth and infrastructure costs out of that, Apple does. More available movies and more people using the service can only mean bigger numbers. I've got some major issues with Apple's movie download service, and for now I won't be using it, but nonetheless I think the numbers will be even larger than Disney is projecting.

    If somebody tells you "I'm going to start sending you some extra cash every month, you don't need to do anything to get it, just cash the checks", are you going to complain whether the amount is $50 million or $500 million?

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  • RollTide
    Apr 30, 09:28 PM
    I really hope to see 512 mb vram on the base 21.5, but that will probably never happen.

    Maybe in 5 years :rolleyes:

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  • dukebound85
    Apr 25, 01:37 AM
    OP, I will admit my impression of you has went from one who I thought was mature to one that is unfortunately showing he is not

    Please revert back to your old form....

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  • iGary
    Sep 4, 03:11 PM
    Holiday season fast approaching...there's no way they will enter shopping season without a new iPod lineup. Period.

    If they do, I'm dumping my stock.:p

    And Appleinsider is sandbagging - hedging their bets that at least a portion of what they are reporting is true.

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  • DriveByPoster
    Apr 22, 07:20 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    My prediction: Apple will come out with a service that streams music from ITunes based on your music library using Genius playlists (music genome project) a la Pandora. It will be available for the MobileMe plus subscribers.

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  • Quartz Extreme
    Aug 31, 11:29 AM
    Merom MacBook Pro + Conroe iMac + speedbumped Mac mini + iTunes movie downloads + widescreen video iPod

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  • Rocketman
    Aug 31, 03:24 PM
    I don't care what it is, just give us something new to talk about. Mac Pro really nice machine but we saw it coming months in advance. Maybe not he exact spec but yeah we all knew it was coming. Same with Merom, Conroe etc... Give us something new, really new.

    Get used to the new way. The only real suprise news from now on willl be specific software features, cosmetics and any new details not widely anticipated. The primary processor and platform/form factors are likely to remain unsurprising.

    Furthermore, chip advances just took a big leap. Do not expect that again for 2 or more years.


    Mar 22, 02:06 PM
    I just bought a refurbed Mac mini (HDMI) and was really surprised at how much horsepower that little C2D had to it! It is a GREAT Home Theatre Mac and am totally happy with my purchase! But if they put ThunderBolt in it and an i3 I won't be upset. This chips are getting to the point that they have beaten the software in the core-to-use ratio.

    Maybe I'm just getting older and refined in how I design but there are few times that I have to actually WAIT for my Macs to perform a filter or effect that 15 years ago would have caused me to take a coffee break while my old Mac crunched the info. I don't care if I'm using a MacBook or a MacPro... I'll design on any of them and be quite content.

    I totally agree. My C2D Macs ( I am a new Mac convert since 2009) are plenty fast for me even though the Apple haters on Mac Rumors are quick to tell me I have old technology with my C2D Macs. My Mini Server is one powerful little machine. I am running 3 virtual machines including a production web server and email server. The Macs "just work!" I can't say the same for my days with Windows.

    Mar 22, 02:04 PM
    Can't wait! But I will have to. Now we're getting this close and the rumours are starting - there's no way I would ever buy a new iMac until the update. If my current one breaks then the real waiting game begins.

    Apr 28, 03:22 PM

    Apr 23, 02:47 AM
    I'd disagree based on the last demo by intel.

    Thunderbolt uses DisplayPort 1.1a which is not as good as DisplayPort 1.2 already found in some GPUs.

    Sep 5, 08:44 AM
    Apple Store Hong Kong is still up...