Saturday, May 14, 2011

new vw beetle 2012 convertible

new vw beetle 2012 convertible. New VW Beetle
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  • jemmX
    Sep 10, 09:15 AM
    Predictions ...

    MBP 20" inch (1920 x 1200)
    4gb ram
    Dual HD = 250gb 7200rpm Raid 0
    Superdrive HD w/lightscribe
    iSight HD
    Audio Digital & analog in/out
    Vram 512MB GDDR 4 (PCI Xpress, HDMI + DVI + TV)
    3 - USB 2 / 2 - FW 400 / 2 - FW 800 / 1 - Sata
    Dual Ethernet


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  • JAT
    Mar 23, 04:38 PM
    Miles you make a great point... You also confirm that Apple better pull them, its a pointless app because if your so drunk then you can't operate a phone let alone an app.
    The legal limit is not so high that you have to actually be wasted to measure at illegal. I could see these being quite popular apps.
    Here in Sweden, the Police says that their goal is to increase safety, not catch people. I'd rather have a drunk driver stay at home because of an app warning of a checkpoint than get in the car and get caught.
    So, people get drunk at home, then drive? I would've thought most driving drunk were out and are returning home.

    I don't think cops here even do this. I take it a checkpoint stops all cars? I've never seen that in my decades in MN. We have frequent notices (last one was on 3/17) on our highway info signs that say "Increased DUI patrol" or similar, no actual checkpoints.

    Oh, and, this sounds like something Apple will agree to pull. I can't even decide which side I'm on. As I said, not relevant in MN, and not relevant to me personally, not too into alcohol.

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  • Rocketman
    Sep 1, 02:55 PM
    While it sounds good, I don't see this happen soon at all. Also, Verizon disagrees with you, because they are pulling fiber to the homes in several (large) cities and more to come. The investment for 4G (802.16e I assume you're talking about)will be much too high while not providing enough guarantees it will be financial feasible in short and mid term to make shareholders feel confortable. But if it will, Apple will get my money :) But are there enough gadget geeks like me in the world? That will make or break the project.....

    It boils down to suburban, rural, and rural-suburban access.

    Currently Satellite will do it at high cost. (

    2G will do it with crippled bandwidth and high cost.

    POTS will do it with crippled speed and uncrippled cost.

    Big cities are never the biggest nut to crack.


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  • holycat
    Sep 10, 09:45 AM the new realeased merom iMac will last for how long:confused: :confused:

    worth it to buy now???

    thinkiNG of getting one...cant bear with my 3 yrs old of centrinO noteBook...:mad:

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  • Multimedia
    Oct 12, 06:16 PM
    Give me a palate of colors to choose from and tell me which one to eleminate from my choices first. My choice would be Red. :mad: :p

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  • xUKHCx
    Sep 10, 04:34 PM
    I have the oringal iMac G5 bought on the very day they were announced. (well i dont have it as it is in for another replacement midplane - total worth of applecare to me so far is about the £1400 mark). It is feeling rather old and very slow for my tasks. I am now wishing i had that display so i could connect it to the mini or a mid range tower. I long for upgradable graphics as a not so proud owner of the geforce 5200 or whatever it is in my mac so such a pitiful perfonace it is not listed as Aperture capable. It really is a shocking video card. I have upgraded the harddrive that was a snap in the iMac, i have even replaced the logic board 30 mins no fuss. THings i liked about the original iMac ease of replacement parts. Things i didnt like: the non upgradable parts - processor and graphics.

    I truely long for the Mid range tower.

    double height Pci graphics slot ala Mac Pro with the X1900.
    Space for two harddrives for Time Machine mostly.
    Pretty beefy processor, preferably with some sort of upgrade path
    Option to purchase a bundle display 17" really cheap option.
    1 gb ram - 8 gb provided by 4 ram slots

    Cost: £700
    Cost: £850 with the 17 inch mointor
    Cost: £1000 with the 20 inch mointor

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  • EagerDragon
    Sep 10, 08:46 PM
    Ive heard about cloverton coming all along. and have put off buying a Mac pro

    id much rather have 8 cores then 4 for the work i do

    If you are looking for that, the most likely timeframe will be during the release of Leopard as it will release those 4 or 8 cores to do their thing.

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  • w00master
    Nov 14, 12:44 PM
    Serious, dude. You seem to be like those people who have their fingers in their ears singing "la, la, la, la, la I can't hear you".

    Apple is the copyright holder of those images and they provide the right to use those images in Applications running on macs via the API on a Mac running OS X. Rogue Amoeba was taking those images and distributing them via a WiFi network to another device where they have not licensed the display of those specific icons. This is really no different than if you licensed icons for use in your desktop application and then decided to use it in a few websites or a client server app without clearing it with the licenser first.

    Rogue Amoeba could avoided all of those trouble by supplying their own icons. It also appears from the screenshot that they were taking two icons from OS X and superimposing them on each other.

    There is one possibility that perhaps not been considered. What if Apple does not own the exclusive copyright to those images and has instead licensed them for a specific use within OS X on a mac and any other use would be a violation of that license?

    Sorry, but I disagree. Personally, it seems to me that the extreme fanboys have their fingers in their ears. I completely understand Apple's need to protect their trademarks and copyrights. However, in this case, I do not agree that Rogue Amoeba did ANY of this.

    Again, to quote Gruber:

    "the Airfoil Speakers Touch iPhone app does not contain any of these images. It contains no pictures of Apple computers. It contains no icons of Apple applications. It displays these images after they are sent across the network by Airfoil for Mac. Airfoil for Mac reads these images using public official Mac OS X APIs. I.e. Airfoil Speakers Touch can only show a picture of the Mac it is connected to because the image is sent from the Mac it is connected to."

    To continue on... these apologies and justification has been going on for a LONG time now on. Normally, I side with Apple. However, I'm sick and tired of people calling us "whiners" or continually try to justify "Apple's actions." I love Apple, but imho I am a CONSUMER first before I am a fan. Constantly hurting top tier developers hurts me as a consumer, because it potentially restricts the type of killer apps that can come out of the amazing iPhone platform. All I'm asking is for Apple to ease up a bit. Give these developers room to thrive.


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  • speakster
    Aug 31, 03:06 PM
    So, Leopard has some features that haven't been revealed yet.

    Could one of them possibly be the rumor of having a Bit Torrent client built into the OS.....

    Which would make the possibility of downloading higher quality videos plausible....

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  • striker33
    May 3, 03:33 PM
    But hooking it up to 2 apple cinemas (24") is ok, right?

    Yes. As they both function as MDP ports as well as Thunderbolt ports.

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  • iJawn108
    Sep 14, 06:51 PM

    :rolleyes: as if

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  • bstpierre
    Nov 13, 02:01 PM
    I have to disagree. Rogue Amoeba in *no way* violated Trademark or Copyright rules with this. In fact, they used Apple's own OS X APIs.


    I agree with you. If they are using an image sent by Mac OS X for just such a purpose they are not doing anything wrong.

    It makes me think that maybe there are some lowly app reviewers who are letting the power go to their heads.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 22, 12:49 PM
    I think the big advantage to this downgrade will be buying clearance and refurbished Nvidia-based MBAs for 25% discounts... Unless Apple somehow fits a standard voltage SB CPU in the 13" MBA, I think most will be better off with C2D and Nvidia 320m at discounts.

    Thats what I'm thinking...hoping to grab a 13 at ~1000/1100 on Amazon.

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  • DHUK
    Sep 1, 03:10 AM
    Isn't it obvious?

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  • Jowl
    Apr 11, 03:00 AM
    What I don't get is why can't Apple enable any iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) as an Airplay target device? Obviously iOS supports it as Apple TV can be a target for Airplay from iTunes.

    AirFrame ( allows sending video between iOS devices. I've sucesfully used it from iPhone to iPad

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  • Pravius
    Apr 22, 09:26 AM
    One thing that apple or the carriers need to consider is removing the data download limit. If I select to download an album from my cloud drive to my phone and it exceeds 20GB and I am on the move. I will be disappointed.

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  • gugy
    Sep 6, 12:08 AM
    Don't forget the 42" HD monitor Apple will drop at the event. What else did you think Apple would let you watch a movie on? (beside your iPod of course)

    Bring it on!

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  • daneoni
    Aug 31, 09:03 PM
    WHo cares, frankly i'm tired of all these Apple rumor crap. Its been three tuesdays in a row and we havent seen anything yet. Its been almost a year and we have no new iPods.

    New resolution: I'll buy something when i need it. No more holding out for PowerBook G5 Tuesdays.......Psych!

    PS I love my PowerBook!

    new vw beetle 2012 convertible. The New Volkswagen Beetle 2012
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  • jjhny
    Mar 23, 06:32 PM
    Lets leave these apps alone and put the Senators in jail.

    Best statement in this thread!

    Sep 13, 09:58 PM
    It better be GSM based so i can unlock it.

    Apr 25, 12:58 PM
    Sure they can get worse. They can make them thinner and even worse at dissipating heat. Form over function.

    But I meant design looks wise...

    If they make them worse at dissipating it is only because the chips can handle it.

    Aug 23, 08:47 PM
    Creative's stock up 30% in after-hours trading. The $100 million is a drop in the bucket for Apple, but it will certainly help Creative...

    Yeah, but at least Apple doesn't have to worry about any more lawsuits

    Apr 23, 12:51 PM
    If you read my post more carefully you'll understand I was referring to the people who play games on the 11". As far as I'm concerned, working on a laptop with an external monitor plugged in is an exception (rare) and not something common.

    As far as you're concerned maybe, but as far as what's common or not, you're out of it. There's a reason every laptop out there has some kind of external display connector.

    But silly me, I must be a moron for using the mini display port right ? :rolleyes:

    Perhaps you mean it is capable of everything you need it to do. I used to have a laptop as a single computer at my home. It resembled a Christmas tree pretty much - it had an USB optical mouse, a printer, external speakers, a Yamaha keyboard, card reader and power cord plugged in. I was always plugging and unplugging cables whenever I wanted to move it to another place. Thank goodness I did not come to the idea to attach an external monitor to it.

    You're doing it wrong. I plug in 4 cables. Power, Monitor, Speakers, USB. My keyboard/mouse/tablet/Printer/iPhone/iPod all get recognized instantly. That's what the USB hub on my desk is for. 1 cable, all devices.

    If Apple had docks, it would be even better. Just drop the laptop in place and voila. But I guess docks just aren't esthetic enough.

    There is nothing uncommon about it, so again, thank you for calling me stupid because I dare use a MBA as my only computer and I dare launch games on it, while connected to an external monitor of all things!

    Keep your insults for yourself next time.

    I was under the understanding that the reason that the current 320M has been so impressive considering the aging Duel Core CPU was the increased speed of data transfer from the SSD meaning a large increase in efficiency in both the CPU and the GPU.

    Hum, no. The SSD is still a bottleneck compared to the bus speeds between the CPU and GPU. The 320M is impressive because the Intel GPU is so sub-par. Even a full power Sandy Bridge Intell 3000 HD barely compares to it, and then, only in benchmarks where the CPU is the bottleneck and the C2D is holding back the 320M. In pure GPU bottlenecked benchmarks, the 320M trumps the Intel 3000HD.

    That's just the story with Intel. They always sucked at GPUs.

    Optimus Frag
    Apr 23, 12:13 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I was under the understanding that the reason that the current 320M has been so impressive considering the aging Duel Core CPU was the increased speed of data transfer from the SSD meaning a large increase in efficiency in both the CPU and the GPU.

    So surely it stands to reason that if the intergrated GPU of Sandy Bridge is only slightly less powerful than the current 320M but will be partnered with the SSD and a MASSIVELY more powerful CPU then the sandy bridge MBA will be at least as powerful in graphics terms than the currant MBA.

    Am I just being stupid thinking that?