Thursday, May 19, 2011

NARS India Song Eye Shadow Duo

With all the hype about NARS summer collection(s) it's sometimes easy to forget the hardworking constants in the permanent line. The eye shadow duo in India Song is a good example. Yes, I admit it's not exactly the most exciting or innovative color combination-  a matte vanilla and a satin low-shimmer rich brown. It's a classic, something that everyone needs for minimalistic days and the quality and finish are exactly the reason NARS eye shadows have earned a cult of collectors who rely on them to deliver every time.

The matte ivory color is an excellent base. Unlike many similar shades (Bobbi Brown Navajo, Bone, Banana and several others) it actually has a color and a texture that makes it more than just a base. This eye shadow subtly lightens the lid and opens up the eye without looking too made up. I find that NARS matte formula often requires a good primer both for longevity and for even application, and India Song's lighter half is no different. It's also a bit crumbly, but a good brush is enough to keep things under control and I have no real issue applying and making the color look pretty. The walnut brown with its shimmery texture is superb. The color can be packed and intensified or applied lightly. It's easy to blend and has a surprising depth and dimension for such a simple shade.

Bottom Line: Have I said a classic already?

NARS India Song Eye Shadow Duo ($33) is available from

All photos are mine.