Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • shecky
    Sep 14, 09:24 AM
    There is no way in hell that they will introduce laptops at this event.


    do tell. why?

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  • cmaier
    Nov 17, 03:57 PM

    To quote:
    "Good question raised by Guy English: Why is it OK for the new Star Wars: Trench Run iPhone game to include this image of an iPhone, when many other apps, like for example Instapaper, have been rejected for including original icon artwork that merely resembles an iPhone?"

    Boom. So what now apologists?


    what? you expect consistency?

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  • Analog Kid
    Oct 12, 08:56 PM
    This is why I would make such horrible paparazzi... I don't recognize either one of them in that picture. I'd walk into the Apple store and be elbowing them both aside trying to get a look at the gadgets on the counter. That is until I got drawn and quartered by their two entourages pulling me in different directions arguing over who got to teach me a little respect first...

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  • wizard
    Sep 9, 11:38 AM
    Sounds like a set of chips to me ;)


    There is no "Napa chipset". Like I said, Napa is a hardware-platfom, composed to CPU (Yonah), chipset (Intel Express 945) and WLAN ()Intel PRO/Wireless). The amount of RAM might be limited due to timing-issues and the like.

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  • Ed91
    Apr 2, 03:00 PM
    Thanks, McAfee,

    Ever since I got my first mac in you and other antivirus vendors have been reminding me, every six months or so, that OS X is facing an imminent security meltdown.

    Though this is yet to happen, it's always enough to remind me to make sure I've got the latest version of the excellent and free ClamXav, and that I have a good working backup of my machine, which is made possible by many other wonderful free tools.

    Though I'll never buy your software, you provide a great service to me.

    Thanks, Ed

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  • poppe
    Sep 5, 10:02 PM
    My Guess:

    Just think if that Data Center Apple bought was acctually a place to store alll the studios movies. Then you pay 9.99 for the rights to what ever movie and it is streamed Slingbox style to your Airport Extreme that has HDMI, Component, Composite etc outlets for your TV. Then you have your movie you bought anytime all the time but never have to take storage of your own, and never have to deal with downloading or anything.

    You heard it hear first!

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  • TheManOfSilver
    Sep 4, 07:12 PM
    Apple's entry into the living room is way overdue (the mini only barely counts since it doesn't have real media center/pvr capabilities). I've been waiting for 2 years for them to do with the living room what they have done with the MP3 player.

    I can't think of a better combo than a 23" iMac in my office wirelessly linked to a media-box in my living room that will allow me to record and watch TV, stream downloaded movies from my PC to my TV, stream my iTunes library to my stereo, and show my iPhotos without a second computer.

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  • rstansby
    Mar 29, 12:49 PM
    Exactly. You should be able to CUT a file and move it. I bought an app in the Mac App Store that does just that...

    Should be built in.

    That other thing that sucks in the folder view. I want folders first in A to Z, then files A to Z like in Windows... Not a default option....

    So in other words it is a very minor missing feature, easily eclipsed by dozens of important features that are only found on a Mac.

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  • Squonk
    Sep 26, 10:21 AM
    I can't wait to get my hands on an iPhone- I'm getting tired of my SLVR. As soon as the iPhone launches I'm throwing my SLVR in to a river. This is starting to become tradition, there must be a half dozen old cell phones of mine which have been cast in to the briny deep. What a liberating experience.

    Dude! The Sierra Club would appreciate if you donated the phones to them instead! :D

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  • Macginger
    Mar 22, 01:24 PM
    I want to know where to get a list of products that hook onto Thunderbolt.


    google thunderbolt and you'll find it, or at least what people are planning on bringing out but it's out there :cool:

    ok did it for you :)

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  • FSUSem1noles
    Sep 26, 03:55 PM
    YES! Finally, I reap benefits from being with Cingular!!!! :D

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  • DVK916
    Sep 17, 07:56 PM
    OK. hang on. back the f&6king truck up.

    maybe we're backwards here. but i have NEVER, EVER heard of ANY kind of phone service where INCOMING calls are anything BUT free (excluding reverse-charge, obviously).

    Im sorry, but if you all accept crappy CDMA phones specific to a carrier, and paying for incoming calls, you are kidding yourself if you think you are anything but backwards. (i wont go into the whole metric thing :P )

    Sprint has free unlimited incoming calls. Also some providers have unlimited incoming and outgoing calls if you don't travel beyond your city.

    Also CDMA isn't crappy it offers higherspeed than HSDPA while using less spectrum.

    CDMA Rev A offers 3.8 down and 1.8 up in only 1.25 mhz of spectrum versus HSDPA of up too 14mbps down and 2 up in 5 mhz of spectrum. But with Rev B which is a software upgrade CDMA will have around 16mps down and 10mbps up in 5mhz of spectrum.

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  • drzeus
    Sep 5, 02:29 PM
    I'm not sure that this is an entirely novel thought, but I thought I would test my psychic abilities a little.

    The mac mini seems like the target for movies here, not iPods. There's a lot of talk about Airport express and how that might be the killer hardware, but there's more to it than that. Apple is competing against rental stores and netflix to watch movies. No one is just going to want to watch movies on an iPod, they are going to want it on they're TV. So why not have a network box that saves and plays the movies that is attatched to your TV? The mini is already positioned to do exactly that. No keyboard or monitor, maybe just a remote to run Front Row.

    Download the movie to the mini, watch it on TV at your convenience. Mac video on demand. Start doing that with TV shows and all of a sudden, Tivo has got a serious contender, too.

    The hard bit will be having full-quality movies sent to your home, VOD style.

    The new iPod is a phone. There may be a video ipod, but I doubt that it's a main target for the movies.

    I have this wonderful feeling that it'll be even cooler than this, but this is what I am expecting.

    Dr. Z.

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  • andys53
    Apr 22, 02:07 AM
    It is though, if the story's correct, starting to sound better.

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  • aiqw9182
    Apr 17, 04:49 AM
    I stop reading everything you said after this statement. You are clueless dude. Go back to school or finish school or jsut stop typing.

    I have a job, a wife and a kid and you want me to go back to school when I graduated college five years ago? All because I said to buy an adapter that WILL be cheap when/if it's necessary to have one?

    Whatever helps you feel like you're more accomplished. ;)

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  • yellow
    Apr 4, 12:33 PM
    "Shooting To Wound" is purely a product of television, movies, and video games. In real situations where gunfire is exchanged, milliseconds count, and center mass until the target is down is the ONLY reality.

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  • G4DP
    Mar 22, 01:30 PM
    Glad all the consumers machines get this first. All the kinks can be worked out before the MacPro gets it at the end of the year.

    LaCie have started making drives etc with Cripplepeak connectivity. There are a few others.

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  • mBox
    May 4, 11:02 AM
    I'm beginning to think that most Apple users are just spoiled brats :P

    Don't like...don't buy it :)

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  • MacinDoc
    Sep 9, 11:28 AM

    Do you realize the Dell XPS 700 is capable of running 2 Nvidea GeForce - 1GB 7950 GX2 Quad SLI card for a total of 2 GB of Video

    The fact that the new 24" Imac is only capable of handling a 256MB Video card is an embarassment as far as I am concered.
    Sorry, but that's a ridiculous comparison. The only Mac you can reasonably compare the XPS 700 to is the Mac Pro, which has a lot more computing power for that kind of money.

    May 3, 10:29 AM
    Two high end screens from dual thunderbolt on a 27 inch iMac? Wow. That is bad ass.

    Oct 28, 12:09 PM
    I found this interesting comment on the making waves site - is it true. If it is then the commies at greenpeace need to stop bitching.

    Greenpeace appears to have its facts in a muddle. I've studied the environmental performance of the leading companies and here is what I've found.
    1. Apple is rated best in class in environmental performance for both portables and desktops by the US Environmental Protection Agency's EPEAT tool ( This tool is based on a 2006 IEEE standard for product environmental performance.
    2. In August, Greenpeace conducted extensive tests on leading laptop brands to establish whether or not they were compliant with a European substance ban directive. Apple's laptops were subjected to more than one hundred tests and they were unequivocally found to be RoHS compliant. Note that Greenpeace has subsequently buried this report.

    3. Greenpeace found 200 parts per million of TBBA (a harmless brominated flame retardant currently used by all manufacturers) in an Apple fan assembly. TBBA is not banned, and even if it were you would need to quadruple the quantity that was detected in the Apple fan assembly before it reached the European definition of concentration that are permitted for 'banned' substances.

    4. HP's laptop failed the compliance test, and Greenpeace ranked HP as the top performer in their August score-card ranking.

    5. Despite being ranked at the bottom of Greenpeaces scorecard, Apple is the only manufacturer to have commited to phasing out PVC and TBBA without qualifiers (i.e if economically viable)

    6. Apple is the only manufacturer to have eliminated DecaBrome from all plastic parts.

    From my research, I can only conclude that Greenpeace is targeting Apple because of the 60 million iPod customers out there. Pity, I used to have a lot of respect for Greenpeace.

    Oct 12, 01:26 PM
    It's certainly better than an red, glossy 1G nano - hopefully it would have the proper matte, anodised finish of the current nanos rather than the glossy coating ColorWarePC use to do their custom iPods.

    Not too bad though...

    that looks pretty good, actually. I'm not sure it's better than the ones they already have, but it's another nice choice.

    Nov 14, 09:50 AM
    just change the ******** logos and icons and be done with it. If u let RA use them, every tom dick and harry could use official graphics and make it look like its apple official. Hate to see RA go, but this isn't that big of a deal.

    Oct 12, 12:53 PM
    So it's a red nano?

    n/m had to fish the links. :)
    (not as illustrated)

    These look like white iPods viewed through 3-D Glasses.