Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life of a beggar

 Today at church it was an old beggar who was continually looking back outside the church. In the beggining, i was disturbed because he was in front of me and i couldn't concentrate at the liturgy,then he started to change his place from one to another,he hidden himself behind people,etc. I didn't know what's wrong with him until i looked back too and i saw outside it was the police who was searching and picking up the beggars, then i understood why he was hiding like that,i really felt so much mercy for him...:(

  A man gave him an important sum of money and when he took them from his pocket,a few cents felt down on the ground,the beggar took them and screamed after him to give him the money but he didn't hear so the beggar waited him until he came out of the church and he wanted to return him the lost money :).( of course the man didn't take them,it was something insignificant for him) ..i was impressed by his onesty,it's rare to see beggars like that,manyt of them serve themselves from your pocket without a regret and this man thought to return back a few cents to a rich man...

 Most of us send the beggars away if they come to speak with us,we are afraid of them ,we consider them different than us but there are so many beggars who had been normal people like us,i really know some sad stories about teachers or people with important career who ended up in the street : maybe because of a mental disease-their kids abandoned them and took their house,or they have been cheated and they lost their house,etc . You can't know how your life changes in a second and you loose everything...beggars are normal people ,with a past,with a soul...but unfortunately unlucky and hard to be accepted by society.

 May all the knees bow down in front of the Lord same as this ill woman.