Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • DrFrankTM
    Sep 16, 12:43 AM
    Just a quick thought... It's been mentioned in other threads, but I really think the camera has to be able to swivel in some way if we want to be able to take pictures of stuff in front of us while looking at the screen, and have video chats too (during which you want the camera and the screen to both be facing you). I don't recall seeing decent mock-ups that address this issue.

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  • Dagless
    Mar 22, 02:04 PM
    Can't wait! But I will have to. Now we're getting this close and the rumours are starting - there's no way I would ever buy a new iMac until the update. If my current one breaks then the real waiting game begins.

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  • shartypants
    Mar 29, 12:04 PM
    I don't see how you can project that far out, this industry changes too fast.

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  • MrFirework
    Oct 27, 01:19 PM
    I guess I'm at a loss for what rights we have actually lost under the Bush Presidency...

    BUT... BUT... BUT...


    ...but... ummmmmm...

    ...he's really STUPID!


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  • Mogenshu
    Oct 12, 02:20 PM
    I'm just not understanding two things. One, how is this a negative thing? People are getting money, they would not otherwise get. The other thing I don't get is talking about how apple is only giving 5% and not 10%. Would you rather them give 0% like they currently are? Get off your high horse and stop flaming companies that give money to charities.

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  • fehhkk
    Apr 16, 10:35 AM
    Looks like 2012 is the year to get the Ivy Bridge Macbook Pro :D

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  • ziggyonice
    Mar 29, 11:34 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    Well duh. iOS only runs on Apple devices. Android, Windows Mobile, etc. runs on multiple devices -- of course their shares are going to be higher.

    If Apple were licensing iOS, this would be a different story. So instead of comparing marketshare of phone operating systems, let's compare share of the phones themselves.

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  • theelysium
    Mar 30, 11:54 AM
    I'll say it again "App Store" is a generic term, I think everyone should be able to use it.. I hope Apple doesn't win this one.. If someone used "Mac App Store", completely understandable..

    It's not generic they coined it. It's theres.

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  • StealthGhost
    Mar 23, 04:52 PM
    Unless an app is breaking the law, then they have no authority and should have no reason to concern themselves with apps.

    It's already been said, these checkpoints are posted in local papers, this is just an app that makes that information easier to access.

    I bet Apple pulls them. RIM already did. Companies far too often cave to the illogical or crazies rather than standing up for what is logical and right.

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  • goron59
    May 3, 10:30 AM
    Isn't a single TB bus capable of driving more than one display.... so can you drive two displays from a single port?

    Might need a powered hub perhaps.. Dunno.


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  • 0815
    Apr 22, 07:57 AM
    You'll go nutz in couple decades when our CPU's aren't even in our homes anymore. Start to get used to the idea of "cloud" slowly :)

    Back to the seventies - history repeats itself :eek:

    My favorite is the dropbox cloud approach, which is a nice hybrid: I have everything local but I have it accessible in the cloud and synced to all the machines I care about. (Won't work for my music lib since too big) ... but while we have no affordable fast internet everywhere, this is the solution of my choice. That way I can work on the local data while 'offline' and it syncs back to the cloud once I am online again.

    Nice to see that Apple is putting out a solution that will work for my music lib, and I hope it is a similar hybrid approach. I just hope it is true that it allows to add music not purchased in the iTunes Store ... I have tons of CDs that I ripped into my iTunes library (I was buying CDs since they day CDs came out in the last century and have a quite big collection).

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  • EagerDragon
    Sep 16, 04:47 PM
    Who in their right mind would want a microsoft phone :eek: :eek:
    Microsoft is an expert at that. All their software phones home, so why not got the distance? LOL:eek:

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  • mitchec
    Aug 31, 08:17 PM
    I wonder if Apple will be able to provide the Movie Store to Europe and the rest of the world. If they can't, it's as good to me as if they didn't announce it at all. I mean look at TV Shows, what a disgrace, in Europe we might aswell still be running iTunes 4.

    I think a Movie Store should be seperate from iTunes. A new store for movies, a new app for managing them.

    Whats the issue with regards to TV shows only available to the USA. Why can't they be made available in the UK and Europe.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 19, 08:59 PM
    A strong response from Samsung:

    "We're guilty!"

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  • Avalontor
    Apr 28, 07:30 PM
    Really? I mean really? Zune? You forgot to write down Vista too kid. LOL!

    Vista still has a larger market share then OSX.

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  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Apr 20, 01:22 PM
    Wasn't this the same info they told us about when they were collecting signal information?

    Location and signal strength.

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  • jav6454
    Apr 25, 12:52 AM
    I cannot even begin to describe how much i hate these idiotic people. They just enrage me. Anyone who has been doing 85mph+ on the highway and then has to slow down to under 70 knows what I mean.

    Today I was doing 90mph+ in the far left lane, for miles everyone moved out of the way for me. Then all the sudden I come up on this minivan with "Baby on Board, "I Love Children," "Being Nice is the #1 Rule," etc. bumper stickers and magnets. The woman was doing under 65mph would not move out of my way (and there was plenty of space). When I tried to push her, flash brights, honk, etc. she decided to brake check me. Now, not moving over is one thing, but trying to teach me a lesson when I tell you that you're in my way and that you can move over, is just asking me to screw you over.

    I drove behind her for a few miles, and then when the opportunity stuck, I shot a gap to pass her, made sure she couldn't move over to another lane (besides the service lane) and I slammed off my brakes (I swear I saw a squirrel run across the highway;)), she had to veer off of the road to avoid hitting me. I guarantee she'll never try to brake check someone or force the speed limit on them again. I seriously hope she or her damn baby got whiplash. (NO LECTURES PLEASE, THEY WILL ALL BE IGNORED)

    I seriously wish that .50 cal guns would be options on cars so that I could just blow up people like her.


    1. You are not Speed Racer

    2. Going over 80Mi/hr is already fast enough.

    3. I have patience on the road, I wait until there is enough clearance to pass. Your road rage will get you killed.

    4. There is a reason for speed limits.

    5. I hope a cop catches you and takes your license away. Also your mom should be ashamed of you for being reckless driver. Hell, if I'd be that woman you forced of road, I'd have your plate number and dial 911 and acuse you of reckless driving. Then I'd be laughing

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  • iGary
    Sep 9, 05:34 PM
    Why does it say "MacCentral" when MacWorld did the benchmarks? :confused:

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  • mazola
    Sep 19, 03:34 PM
    ... a final annual download number of 125,550.

    May 3, 02:23 PM
    Nice pieces of kit. Would this put the top of the line iMacs in the realm of professional photographers who have to do a lot of post processing? Or is the monitor not up to scratch for that? I can see huge external RAID arrays equipped with Thunderbolt to cater for the safe storage of large amounts of RAW files :D

    Cheffy Dave
    Apr 22, 03:17 PM
    Because part of releasing a new, backwards approaching, IGP in the 13" MBP required saving face for both its MacBook "PRO" name and Intel's IGP capabilities itself.

    If the resolution is upgraded to 1440x900, the IGP is going to perform worse in comparison to the prior 13" MBP...

    I also fear Apple's ridiculous 10.6.7 downgrade was somehow to show the MBA's IGP isn't as bad as it is going to be with SB IGP. Look at OpenGL performance on it, as it dropped 30% from 10.6.6. Now, we have seen Apple screw these things up before, but they also market their new products based upon prior products and list an OS X version tested on the prior gen. If they reverse course with 10.6.8 or 10.7, in the new MBA, then they might show only a 20% loss in IGP performance vs. the prior Nvidia 320m... when in reality, it might be more like a 50% plus loss in performance.

    The big thing here, that NOBODY likes to think about is the 13" MBP uses a standard voltage CPU, while the MBA will use either ULV and LV or just ULV depending on who we believe. The ULV SB IGP operates at a greater than 50% loss than the Nvidia 320m. We can see this from competing products, that yes are running Windows but still have better OpenGL capabilities in the first place.

    I think the big advantage to this downgrade will be buying clearance and refurbished Nvidia-based MBAs for 25% discounts... Unless Apple somehow fits a standard voltage SB CPU in the 13" MBA, I think most will be better off with C2D and Nvidia 320m at discounts.

    Apple has been down the path of using a low voltage Intel CPU and IGP in the MBA before, and it was the worst Mac created since the Intel transition. It wasn't until Nvidia 9400m that the MBA became even usable. Yes, the SB IGP is better than prior Intel IGPs, but it's still utterly disappointing in LV/ULV variants. I guess the smart buyers will be buying clearance MBAs with Nvidia 320m and skip Sandy Bridge for a more reliable Ivy Bridge model. It depends on how each person uses the MBA, but I believe the vast majority are much better off with Nvidia and C2D. I just hope Apple doesn't destroy the MBA brand to try to make Intel's inferior IGP work... especially in LV and ULV variants.

    I heartly concur, which is why my wife and I jumped on two 11" MBA refurbs now. I don't care for any Intel graphics. As wild as you are for the 13" MBA we are for the 11'MBA. I agree the sweet spot, at least until 2012 will be the 2010 MBA. We have gone minimalist and are thrilled:cool::D:apple::apple:

    Apr 30, 06:28 PM
    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    I guess some people just need to feel like they have new stuff even if it's totally pointless.

    Pointless right now, but what about in 6 month? The price of the iMac will just be the same then but it is very likely some TB displays and external storage device have been released. So why not by now and wait for the TB peripherals?

    Plugging in one cable to connect and external monitor while daisy chaining multiple external storage sources is far from pointless to me...

    Apr 25, 02:45 AM
    Because I actually care about my grandparents. They have done something genuine for me, they have cared for me, they have loved me, etc.

    this love you have for your grand parents is called conditional love. AKA the love of a spoiled brat. AKA fake love.

    EDIT: you know, if your parents thought of you this way, there would be absolutely no incentive to even want to feed you.

    Apr 10, 08:01 PM
    People have been but are written off as being "out there"

    Exactly. Anyone not participating in making the problem worse (aka, our political system as currently structured and the media) is immediately cast out by those of influence.

    Until a radical shift in our system happens, such as 3rd parties somehow becoming viable, these things will only continue. Institutions are self perpetuating and reinforcing, unless changed from the bottom (the only place such a change can possibly occur), the problems this country faces will only be contributed to and not combated.