Monday, May 16, 2011

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  • MacMan86
    Apr 11, 06:34 AM
    Because the 3rd party device could be in your neighbours house so your neighbour can see or hear anything that is played through AirPlay from your devices without you knowing. And you might be playing stuff that you wouldn't want your neighbour to see.

    That's not quite correct. Yes, the RAOP stream can now be decrypted, but the stream itself goes over your Wi-Fi network. So long as your Wi-Fi network is secure then no one outside the network can touch the stream. And if you haven't got WPA2 set up, you've got far bigger problems than your neighbours watching your homemade p0rn.

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  • pixpixpix
    Apr 20, 01:59 PM
    Looks like this has been widely known ( for a long time. There's an interesting ongoing discussion and analysis on the Forensic Focus website ( For example, this:

    As an example of the information recorded under controlled conditions, I joined a single access point on a freshly restored iPad. I had location services turned off and airplane mode switched on. I never moved from my office chair, the phone was also connected to a cell tower using 3G on O2. By just joining the wireless access point my ipad was populated with 379 access point locations and 122 cell tower locations.

    From my office I can see at a push 4 wifi access points and some of the cell towers were 22KM away. There is no way I would connect to some of the cell towers or access points recorded from where I am located.

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  • massiv
    Sep 10, 09:28 PM
    I think we all are getting caught up in the "core" crazy a little too much. I understand at a professional level the more cores the better. But Apple has delivered this target market its machine, the Mac Pro. I think the Mac Pro will see even more options in its configurations as time goes on, but I don't see them putting the next biggest and best chip in every product. After all, 90% of home computer users are using thier computers for basic functions and not heavy video or audio work, which means they don't need 4 cores. Apple is focusing on the digital lifestyle and this means they want to sell a customer hardware that will take care of this emerging market, like live streaming video rentals to their large screened LCD TV. I think the Mac Pro is the ever-expanding machine but look for huge price differences in its configs. An $800 difference in 2.66 to 3.0 GHz Xeon? All we do know is that Apple wants to rule the digital livingroom and probably is not concerned with bragging rights. But the obvious is true, there are some big steps ahead in processing power.

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  • JGowan
    Sep 5, 05:14 PM
    I've seen some posts about transferring "that much data" in disbelief. I calculate that a two hour movie will no more about 450MB. I hope it is, of course. This is based on a 1-hr episode of Lost is about 200MB. I fudge in 50MB for the fact that each Lost episode never is EXACTLY 1 hour.

    I can transfer that size (450MB) from my ReplayTV wirelessly to my PowerBook in less than a half hour with my Airport Extreme Basestation.

    So... I see no problem. Perhaps the show will be delayed a little but not more than a few minutes

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  • LukasUtopia
    Apr 21, 04:29 AM
    I think you mean 4% of 142 million $.....

    Samsung's worldwide turnover was only 138.4 billion for 2010. So I'm guessing Apple buys about $6 billion.

    Just did the maths, Samsung's consolidated revenue for Q4 2010 was apparently 41.87 trillion won, converting that today gave 38.76 billion. So almost double to Apple's 20.34 billion :( .

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  • batchtaster
    Apr 11, 08:40 AM
    you seem, like so many people these days, to be wanting everything while giving nothing...

    Hey Apple / music / movie /etc etc industry, why cant you just let me have whatever I want, whenever I want, all for free?
    And let me moan and whinge non-stop while you're doing it.


    And not just free - employ people and sink resources into it to make it happen, so that Apple (and other companies making great products) actually pays for these things they want, like they're 5 year olds pawing through the candy in the check-out line at Walgreens, demanding one more piece. You want the candy? Buy it.

    On another tack, I can't help thinking this guy has opened up a can of worms for himself, DMCA-wise.

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  • FinderUser213
    Mar 29, 03:00 PM

    Awesome to see Android on the top with Windows. It's about time opensource started taking off. Enough of this Apple closed source junk.

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  • vouder17
    Sep 15, 05:34 PM
    3MP iPod camera phone?!?!? i'll be the first one in line to have it:p

    there are a number of phones out in Europe already that have 3MP cameras, Nokia N73 and the sony ericsson w800i to name a few.

    Edit: its the Sony ericsson K800, not the w800

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  • justperry
    Apr 4, 11:41 AM
    Is this news:confused:

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  • fawlty
    Sep 13, 09:36 PM
    I assume the screen would be a touch screen. I would hate to start dialing numbers using the click wheel.

    I can remember when all phones used a wheel for dialing numbers...

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  • Cartaphilus
    Nov 13, 01:16 PM
    Rogue Amoeba offers terrific programs. I don't use Speakers on my iPhone very often, but Airfoil and its associated programs (Sunflower, Instant Hijack) run on my MBP very frequently.

    I certainly understand Apple's need to protect its intellectual property and to ensure there is a clear distinction in consumers' minds between what portion of the iPhone experience reflects Apple's efforts and what portion is provided by others. Nonetheless, when dealing with partners whose employees tend to be computer science experts rather than legal experts, and where the partner has demonstrated a real commitment to Apple's platforms and a real ability to deliver Apple-worthy products, I think Apple would be wise to go the extra mile to make life easier for these partners.

    As another poster implied, when some amateur developer gripes about Apple's approval process it's one thing, but when a developer of the caliber of Rogue Amoeba backs away, it's time for Apple to respond constructively.

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  • vitaboy
    Aug 24, 04:20 AM
    Is this a one-time payment to include all future uses?

    It seems to be the case, as the agreement resolves "all disputes." I'm sure there is a stipulation that Creative agrees not to pursue patent claims against Apple in the future.

    Which is why the whole "Creative won" argument doesn't wash. Considering that iPod will end up generating tens of billions of dollars in future revenue for Apple (on top of the billions it's already made), settling for $100 million is not exactly a sign of Creative dealing from a position of strength.

    I mean think about it. Creative is basically claiming Apple stole its goose that lays golden eggs. Apple says "No, we didn't, in fact, you stole our spinning wheel that can spin threads of gold from straw!" They both argue and threaten each other, but in the end Apple offers Creative a little piece of golden eggshell, and Creative is so happy about winning, it tells Apple, "Aww, shucks, thanks for the piece of shell, you can keep the goose!"

    I don't think so. :P

    Which is why the deal has all the signs of Creative gulping down its pride and accepting a settlement on Apple's terms. Creative accepted because if it didn't, the chances were quite high that it would not be in business a year from now, mainly because Zune will wipe out its ability to sell in a crowded market. At least now, it has a big stick it can use against Microsoft.

    In the end, it's a big win for Apple.

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  • Charlie Sheen
    Mar 22, 01:22 PM
    Finally some Mac rumors.. :D

    ok that were the mac rumors. now there will be ios rumors for the next 3 months

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  • cube
    Mar 29, 11:43 AM
    Their reasoning flaw is evident: that everybody who bought a Nokia phone upto now will accept Windows Phone.

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  • AtHomeBoy_2000
    Sep 5, 03:36 PM
    The one more thing would be the airport. If they introduce airport with video, they eliminate the need for a mac media center. The airport IS the media center, and you can use *any* mac to power it.
    While I agree, I disagree. I am not totally sold on wireless video networking. Filesizes are very large and god forbid it get interfierence with while you are watching a movie. Audio is OK because of very small birate. An airport "media center" is just not a good solution in some cases.

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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Sep 16, 01:20 PM
    I'm soooo over the iPhone idea. I'm sort of hoping Apple comes out with iTelegraph or iMorse Code. RETRO IS VERY IN RIGHT NOW!
    Retro is always in, it's never out. That's why it's retro. Like it or not, the iPhone is coming, and I think it will be here in by the end of Novenber, cause Apple wont go from now until the end of the year without another consumer based event. They're on a roll right now, and they wont let Christmas pass by without releasing that thing.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Mar 30, 01:41 PM
    My linguist is better than your linguist

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  • kresh
    Sep 14, 09:20 AM
    New version of Aperture!.. Saweeet

    or more likely a new Apple iSLR

    16 Megapixels
    full frame sensor
    Adaptive lens mount supports all Canon and Nikon Lenses
    60gb removeable 1.8" hard drive
    3" OLED screen
    Shoots in a new Apple RAW format
    eye tracking for focus
    Spot metering
    1/8000 shutter with 150,000 shutter life
    Full weather sealing
    Magnesium body
    6fps (up to 25 raw frames)
    Depth of Field Preview
    Pop up flash
    802.11 Wifi
    GPS built in
    Optional Battery Grip
    Scrollwheel navigation for menu system
    Apple iScreen Digital Image processor
    64 Segment Metering and Spot Metering
    Supports Compact Flash

    OMG it's made from Magnesium. What if it catches on fire?

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  • mymacluvsme
    Aug 24, 03:56 AM
    Is this a one-time payment to include all future uses?

    Apr 20, 11:40 AM
    i'm tired of companies taking our privacy so lightly. makes a consumer feel like a dumb piece of meat. i hope someone files a lawsuit over this. any sneaky tactics like this should be outright banned by the government. maybe once we get some politicians of a younger generation in there who are more aware of these issues they will actually do something to protect the consumer from greedy and arrogant corporations. i hope but i'm not sure i will ever see this dream realized the way government currently lets companies run rampant.

    "Banned by the government?" Who do you think is BEHIND this technology. Companies can certainly use this info for things like targeted advertising, but the folks who REALLY want to know where you, or more likely people not as nice as you, are at any moment of the day are sitting in governments around the world. This technology is nothing new, and it doesn't take a smart phone to be able to be tracked. My dumb flip phone is probably pinging a tower every few seconds and logging my location on a database somewhere.

    Sep 14, 09:32 AM
    here we go again

    apple are on fire at the moment.....bring it on

    I was thinking the very same thing! :rolleyes:

    Mar 23, 05:19 PM
    You counter point is just as silly.

    He makes a wonderful counterpoint.

    People are willing to give up freedoms one inch at a time. But when you realize how much you stand to lose, or how much you've already lost, it takes on a different perspective. What is going on now, with Apple's control over what applications you can run on your general computing device, would have been deemed silly just a few years ago. But somehow its different because this computer is an iPad and not a Windows PC.

    Apr 20, 12:51 PM
    I have just tried the sw. My shiny new iPad2 was tracked in the US but not in the UK? Is this tracking different by country to comply with local laws?

    Mar 29, 02:43 PM
    Someone needs to bookmark this thread so we can come back to it in 2015.

    No we don't. We just go back to 6 months ago and see what they incorrectly predicted.

    Predicted 2014 Market Share (
    Symbian: 32.9%
    Blackberry: 17.3%
    Android: 24.6%
    iOS: 10.9%
    Windows: 9.8%
    Other: 4.5%

    Today's guess:
    Symbian: 0.2% (change: -32.7%)
    Blackberry: 13.7% (change: -4%)
    Android: 45.4% (change: +20%)
    iOS: 15.3% (change: +5%)
    Windows: 20.9% (change: +11%)
    Other: 4.6%

    Even accounting for the Symbian/Windows "merger", their predictions aren't even worth reading.