Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • AidenShaw
    May 3, 02:16 PM
    I wouldnt worry about kernal panics or incompatibility issues with thunderbolt. Its like any other peripherals, its been heavily tested by apple and as long as other devices meets the requirements for thunderbolt, there will be no issues.

    I *would* worry, for the following reasons:

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  • Chaszmyr
    Jul 14, 09:18 AM
    Why does the high-end Conroe cost more than the high-end Woodcrest?

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  • stagi
    Nov 16, 08:38 AM
    Yes, but only for Apple, because they own the infrastructure. We still haven't heard of a company that can really make a living with software for the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. So far, it's all just hype and even though there are hundreds of thousands of apps distributed through the AppStore, the only winner at this point in time is Apple.

    I have actually heard of lots of companies making very good money since the app store has been released, plenty of small devs that the app store has changed their lives as well as big companies making millions already.

    I actually think RA should have worked a little harder with apple to address their frustrations instead of just leaving the app store to make a statement and in the end are only hurting themselves.

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  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 14, 12:36 PM
    It's dead easy to notice the difference... Conroe has a 1066MHz FSB. Merom has a 667MHz FSB.

    Yes, but to the average consumer. These things aren't very important. They will be looking at Ghz, and Apple's "X times faster" looks at the processor. That is what Apple is marketing, not FSB.

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  • supremedesigner
    Jul 14, 09:31 AM

    Why 2 negatives over 1 positive? Wow.

    Is there a way you can upgrade this new chip on previous intel mac? Just wondering. This is new to me.

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Sep 5, 12:28 AM
    I really doubt that Apple will put a TV tuner in this thing (if it's real). Think about it -

    Point 1 - If Apple puts a tuner in then they have to deal with the myriad of different types of TV.

    Point 2 - THEY SELL TV SHOWS!

    Does Steve want you to Tivo the new episode of "The Office" on your "MediaMac/Airport Express Video/Super iPod" or does he want you to come to the iTunes store and download it for $2? Apple, despite most of our (including my own) beliefs is a business and they have to think of the $$$ first.

    Why give something away when you can make money off it? That's still my theory as to why the mini didn't have a tuner from the start.

    Yeah there's very little point to add something to your product lines which will compete with your existing products/services unless you are going for full market control aka De Beers.

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  • ju5tin81
    Sep 14, 09:54 AM
    Definitely need bigger HD's in the laptops now... 60 in the MB 80 in the MBP! Not really cutting it when there is a 80GB iPod!

    Not just bigger discs but reasonable prices. The mini's apple upgrade 60-120GB costs �100 and on the MB it costs �180! :eek: How come? Don't they use the same disks?

    Sorry, just ranting now... I'd just love to be able to buy a decent 'off the peg' machine that doesn't need upgrades....

    I'm in the market for a new MB, doubtful at this next event, but hopefully soon! (and with a much bigger disk as standard):p

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  • MattyMac
    Aug 31, 12:14 PM
    My birthday is the 13th...what a sweeeeeeeeet gift...hopefully:D

    You too! Happy Birthday!

    One day before Yebot's birthday. Good timing. I smell a MBP in my future.

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  • someguy
    Oct 12, 09:48 PM
    I have to pay an extra $10 and that goes where?
    First of all, you don't have to do anything.

    Second, have you been reading this thread at all?

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  • Lollypop
    Sep 10, 06:36 AM
    Powerbook G5 tomorrow!!! LOL ok, ok.. before someone shoots me .....

    I would really like a mid range mac, and kentsfield would be ideal! Everyone is worried about such a machine taking away sales from either the Mac Pro or the imac, but I still say apple should just be smart enough and feature it so that people either have to to imac, mac extreme or mac pro. 2 pci express slots, single optical drive, smaller amount of total memory, instead of having people have to go for the mac pro why cant apple make the mac pro the real high end workstation and have something smaller be a the mainstream workstation?

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  • Silentwave
    Sep 6, 10:37 PM
    hey, don't knock the cube! you can get a dual 1.6Ghz G4 cube nowadays :rolleyes:

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  • kiljoy616
    May 3, 01:10 PM
    So which options are worth it with these new models?

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  • OwlsAndApples
    Oct 27, 08:12 AM
    It's about time Apple got rid of some of the rubbish materials in their machines, it's not that the campaigners are trying to brusie Apple but encourage them to be better than their competitors. I mean, Apple already has many advantages over Windows, so surely 'Green' can be one of them.

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  • FleurDuMal
    Sep 14, 05:36 PM
    One thing I noted on the old page 2 thread was the possibility of a REAL Photo iPod - more like my Epson P-4000. It could double as a video player for the new "higher res" iTunes video downloads.

    But back to the photo crowd. Wouldn't it be sweet to have a larger Photo iPod that was integrated into Aperture ...

    1. High speed internal CF and SD card inputs in this larger case

    2. Full support for RAW and RAW zooming

    3. Under a pound / 450 g in weight

    4. Large, bright 640 x 480 screen

    5. Killer feature: Aperture keyword / ranking / stacking functions on the iPod!!

    You're on the road shooting, and traveling light. During breaks you upload your CF/SD cards to the new "Aperture.iPod". When you're sitting in a cafe, back at your hotel, or taking a train home you whip out the Aperture.iPod and using the Keywords.plist you uploaded from Aperture before you left you start Stacking, key-wording, and ranking images.

    Next day you head to your studio, upload the new images from the Aperture.iPod to your MP 3Ghz (w/16 GB RAM and 3 TB of HDs!), and the first pass of your sorting is already done!

    Aperture is SUPPOSED to be about meshing cool software with Apple hardware to make the professional (and dedicated amateur) photographer's life easier. I'm 99% sure this press conference will be about how Aperture and Apple hardware let's you focus on creative shooting, not IT issues.

    That'd be very nice, but I think that's too niche for Apple to get into. Although Apple does take its photography seriously, it only really produces hardware that is versatile and can be used for many different tasks - i.e. although the Mac Pro is serious photograhpy equipment, it can also be serious movie editing or CAD equipment. Infact, I can't think of any hardware made by Apple that is specifically photography directed.

    Then again, there's nothing to say they won't break the habit of a lifetime.

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  • Yebubbleman
    Mar 22, 08:06 PM (

    As tracked in our Buyer's Guide (, the iMac has reached its average update interval, suggesting that we might be able to expect refreshed models to appear some time in the relatively near future. Expectations for revamped iMacs include a move to Sandy Bridge processors and implementation of the new Thunderbolt connectivity standard that debuted in the MacBook Pro last month.

    In a series of Tweets (via (, CNET's Brian Tong claims ( to have received word from a reliable source ( that new iMacs should debut in late April or early May. The updated iMacs are said ( to feature Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt as expected, but no major cosmetic changes are reported to be included.iMac rumors have been relatively sparse in recent months, although DigiTimes indicated ( in mid-December that Apple was expected to update both the MacBook Pro and iMac in the first half of 2011 with the iMac featuring a new panel size and price points. Just days before the MacBook Pro update in late February, DigiTimes reiterated its claim ( that may change the screen size on new iMacs, claiming that the new models could debut alongside or soon after the MacBook Pros.

    Article Link: Potential iMac Update to Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt in 4-6 Weeks? (

    More surprising than this rumor is the fact that it's the first actual MAC rumor (beyond "we've found that the Early 2011 MacBook Pros have quirks" posts) in weeks. None of that is surprising though. I wonder if there will be any surprises with this refresh? I'm guessing no Blu-Ray, which means I'm not buying one. Though I'm still curious as to what'll be under the hood.

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  • firewood
    Mar 23, 04:50 PM
    The way to solve this is to put a sobriety test in the app that has to be passed before the user can view any checkpoints. That way sober drivers won't have to take a route that wastes their valuable time. And sufficiently impaired drunk should be locked out of the app.

    The app's sobriety test "login" can check a person's balance using the accelerometer and gyro, measure their reflex time, and maybe run a short N-back memory and attention span test that should discourage anyone who can't pass these tests from driving in the first place, maybe even display the length of the latest prison sentences doled out to people who drove impaired in their county.

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  • Squire
    Sep 4, 06:50 PM
    "Media Device" = Does it include an iPod Video?

    This would somewhat explain why the Paris Expo was given the cold shoulder.
    "Bonjour, mes amis! The iTunes Movie Store is finally here! (but only in the U.S.)"

    This way, they announce the store but also get a chance to demo the product at the Expo.


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  • mac.rumors
    May 1, 06:11 AM
    Crap... I just ordered a 27" iMac from Friday morning. It hasn't shipped yet as i did some custom changes. I am going to call in the morning to see if I can hopefully cancel the order. I also purchased a 27" Cinema Display but that has already shipped. And doesn't look like it is in this upgrade round.

    If it has not been 'prepared for shipment', you can still cancel the item online.

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  • zz5555
    Sep 9, 08:57 AM
    Well, wasn't the iMac G5 restricted to 2GB, yet it was a 64-bit processor? A 32-bit computer can take up to 4GB, but due to the hardware Apple was/is using, they can't even take this.

    What i find odd is that it appears to allow 1 or 2GB in either slot, but no more than 3GB in total. That is obviously the maximum the board can take, but it would have made a little more sense to allow 2GB in each. This will not really effect it's ability to run 64-bit software, just restricts how much memory can be used. Remember that you have been able to get AMD systems with 64-bit processors for some time now. They won't take more than 4GB, but will allow you to run 64-bit OSes and Apps.

    I suspect that it will take 2GB in each and you will get more than 3GB total, then. But HW addresses are going to eat up some of the 4GB total address space, so you're not going to get all 4GB. (Apple could restrict things to just 3GB regardless, although I can't see any reason for them to do so.) I suspect the 3GB is just a marketing move. After all, they wouldn't want to advertise something like "for an extra $500 we'll stick in a 2nd 2GB stick to give you an extra .1 GB of memory!"

    I'd hoped for a full 64 bit system, though that probably wasn't realistic in the time frame. I'm not buying until January, so we'll see what comes out at MacWorld (which I think I'll actually go to this year) and then I'll decide. All in all, I think I'd be very happy with the 24" model (with a 2nd display).


    Sep 19, 05:52 PM
    1) Thanks for reminding me, i forgot that fact.
    2) But you'll happily have a RAID array and plug THAT into your iBook?
    3) Yeah you said, a RAID array... a sort of external HD, but in an array.
    4) If you take your iBook on the road with you, then how are the other people in your house going to access the movies and other media via iTV if its stored on your "RAID array" which requires a host computer to be of any use?

    You have high expectations for Apple then? Its going to be some RAID array!

    Rather than a RAID, what they need is a foolproof NAS (Network-attached storage). A NAS is basically a special purpose computer that has a network port (wired/wireless) as well as internal/external storage through USB/SATA/eSATA. For example D-Link makes a NAS that is compatible with uPnP as well as Bonjour. This box has space for an internal hard drive (ATA) as well as USB2 for external HDs. It has 802.11g wireless as well as ethernet port. You just connect is as another network device in your home and then you can dump your media into it from your PC/Mac. So, for people with laptops, you can buy your media or RIP them into the NAS and then iTV can use it. This can work well for people with laptops. iTV should be able to work off of a NAS rather than a PC/Mac.

    The current versions of NAS may not be foolproof (Apple quality standards) and therefore this is a companion product that Apple could produce for home media storage. Another advantage of the NAS is that it can be near where iTV is rather than the computer since the bandwidth requirements for iTV are more important than for the computer. You don't want glitches while playing back media. So, you could live with downloading the media from online into NAS directly (through a slower wireless connection). Then have the NAS connected through wired ethernet to iTV.

    Hope this makes sense!!

    Apr 18, 04:00 PM
    The very fact that employers think that employees "should" work even one minute more than what they are paid to is mind-boggling. Why should they "expect" that the employee will give his time willingly for no extra?

    If they want the project manager to work past 5pm, they simply must pay. if they need him to come in on Saturday to work on that new addition to the project, they must pay. It would seem mighty pretentious of them to expect to not pay for work done.

    If they want employees to work non-stop, PAY FOR IT. No one owes their employer a darn thing except exactly what is required in the job during the hours agreed upon.

    See how that works?

    edit: funny that the US is pretty much the ONLY developed country on earth where benefits are seen as egregious handouts if you are a typical rank and file worker. But, we're #1, right?

    1. If you are on Salary, you contractually agreed to get the job done regardless of the typical "work week". If you don't want to work long hours, don't accept a salaried position.

    2. I am just as whole-heartedly against forcing hourly employees to work unpaid overtime. That would be "theft" or "servitude". Totally different.

    Apr 12, 06:03 AM
    I run XBMC Live on an Acer Revo connected to my TV in the entertainment room that plays any 720p and 1080p media I throw at it. I don't own an Airport Express. I don't invest in an Apple ecosystem. This stuff needs to be OPEN! :D

    I want to have ONE device that does it all (my Acer Revo) versus having to buy a number of overpriced Apple devices and/or software to get this to work. :)

    Don't pretend you actually care about 'open'. To you, 'open' simply means 'free'. I'm going to make a stab in the dark and make the logical assumption that all your '720p and 1080p media' is torrented videos. Please, correct me if I'm wrong :rolleyes:

    To me, it just sounds like yet another person wanting everything but willing to pay nothing. What a sustainable model that is...

    Full of Win
    Apr 19, 07:19 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Do no buckle to these power hungry tyrants Samsung. The stinger you fight, the more I will buy your products in the future.

    Apr 11, 04:02 PM
    i can only imagine steve jobs hunched over his desk like in 'pirates of silicon valley" and screaming "your stealing from me!!!!" lol.

    Otherwise awesome