Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • Westyfield2
    Apr 22, 11:24 AM
    As my first post to macrumors, I just purchased a 13" refurb 30 min ago. Oh well, still good technology. I can finally sell my 2007 macbook.

    Enjoy it, I love my 13" :cool:.

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  • lord patton
    Sep 19, 09:31 PM
    As for where iTunes puts it's content... the original poster had a good point - how to have the content synched between the external/networked storage device and the local machine, for example a laptop

    Oh God yes this is what I want.

    I've read where iTunes 7 supports multiple libraries, but it's not the solution we're waiting for.

    I want to rip a CD onto my powerbook and have iTunes sync it with a master library on a partition of my external drive next time I hook it up. Right now, I'd have to remember to copy the new files onto the external... no good�I want it to be automatic and just work (Apple has spoiled me).

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  • LanPhantom
    Mar 23, 06:07 PM
    Not to mention, operating a phone while driving is becoming illegal in most states due to distracted driving. I figure there would be a bunch of drunk people using this app while driving drunk? Geez.

    I got an idea...what about an app that tells ME where the drunk drivers are so I can stay away from THEM?

    Now there's an app I would pay for!

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  • CrackedButter
    Sep 19, 03:44 PM
    You do know that all this talk of Wal-Mart only applies to the US? They mean nothing out in the rest of the world, which is where Apple is taking this service.

    Wal-Mart of big, but they are not that big.

    Apple can still make a lot of money with Disney for the moment, they have the hearts of minds of children everywhere and parents are inclined sometimes to do things for their children, including downloading movies.

    Then there is art house movies and independent movie companies which probably never see the light of day in a Wal-Mart store. There is to much going on that could be stopped by Wal-Mart.

    Sucks to be them but they are not exactly the nicest company around.

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  • Chatham
    Aug 28, 02:03 PM
    I would love to see an increase in the screen size on iMacs, but that doesn't seem likely without an overhaul to the entire enclosure.

    Can the current imacs support a 24" Dell widescreen in dual monitor mode?

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  • altquark
    Apr 25, 01:19 PM
    This just threw a spanner into my plans !

    I've got a late 2007 non-unibody MBP - the "ultimate" which I've been updating as much as possible (Hybrid SSD 512Gb drive, 4Gb memory, etc etc) - I love my MBP but my applecare warranty just ran out last month. Which, I thought, was plenty timely so I could get the new MBP that just refreshed - quad core, 16Gb RAM seems like a LOT more power !

    But, I didn't "jump" immediately - I always wait a couple of months to see what issues develop with the product line (the 17" range seems to have some graphics issues evidently, which seem to be resolved now) - BUT, with this rumor, do I plump down $4k for a maxed-out MBP now or wait until this new case design ?!?!?!

    My current MBP is working great. The keyboard has a sticky "D" key, but apart from that, its been the best laptop I've ever owned, and the second longest I've owned before a refresh (the prior record holder was a Sony Vaio PCG-V505BX which I used/upgraded/refreshed a full 5 years before needing to upgrade !)

    So what do I do ? I wasn't planning on buying the MBP until next month, after I got back from vacation...

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  • dukebound85
    Apr 25, 02:04 AM
    Uh no I didn't. I just interpreted the law. As someone implied earlier, this could all be a ruse. I might not have done anything I said in this thread. No one here can know 100% for sure, because you did not witness the event I claim occurred. That simple fact, in addition to any record searching anyone did without a warrant would be an invasion of privacy would get anything I say in this thread thrown out of court faster than you could blink.


    OP, I do find it amusing you think you know the intricacies of the law just because your uncle is a judge

    Until you have the education/training yourself, I would not be so confident in your opinions...especially as one who has not even finished hs

    I also advise you to stop digging yourself in a hole. I feel you are rapidly losing any credibility/respect that many long time posters previously had of you due to this very, and I mean very childish and selfish mindset you are exhibiting in this thread

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  • jaw04005
    Nov 13, 12:48 PM
    Well, I’ve dismissed most of the other complaints. But this is Rogue Amoeba. Phil Schiller needs to get involved with this immediately — completely unacceptable. They are one of the premier Mac shareware developers.

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  • macenforcer
    Oct 12, 03:39 PM
    You do realize HIV effects women differently than men? It also effects children differently than adults.

    Do yourself a favor and do a quick google on how much money has been spent on HIV research and prevention for children and women, compare that to men with HIV. Then do a search on children/women with HIV and mortality rates compared to men w/HIV.

    We live in a very sexist society. HIV research was never funded or taken seriously by society at large until heterosexual white men started to develop AIDS.

    Ha ha, You are nuts. Let me tell you how it works.

    Nobody gets rich by curing a disease. That is why diabetes, AIDS, HIV etc are all treated with "Keep you alive but not cure you drugs" that you have to buy for the rest of your life. The government and drug companies are in it together and are pure evil. Ain't nobody going to cure anything unless they can keep making money doing it. Get it? Good.

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  • rdowns
    Apr 29, 01:37 PM
    There is just so much wrong with 100% of your post. I can't even begin, nor will I spend time, contradicting every sentence.

    In short, there is no war between Apple and Microsoft...nor has been for decades. Also, you think Apple is not a monopoly? Apple makes the hardware, the OS, the apps, and Appstore, and APPROVES what apps consumers can purchase. No...that's not a monopoly. No, sir.

    That is wrong. Apple has no more of a monopoly on the iPhone as Samsung has one for the Galaxy. For Apple to have a monopoly, there would be few to no companies making smart phones. There are dozens of smart phone companies, 5 or so mobile OSs, many App Stores and all exert some control (that they decided on) over your device. So, no, that's not a monopoly.

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  • bloodycape
    Sep 12, 06:21 PM
    Now lets see a 30gig ipod that does video decently, with some sorta of gapless playback or a 8gig nano for the same price? Hmm hard choice. Yeah right gapless(even it is software based?) and large space wins all the time. Now if they add more of a eq option and built in fm(with recording) I would for sure get one.

    Now can someone confirm if gapless is true gapless or software based? I know with rockbox on the ipod you get true hardware based gapless but with this it is not clear.

    Another question how is battery of video improved but not audio? And I am under the impression a brighter screen means worse battery life so in turn it could mean under real life situations video playback is more like 2.5-3 hours?

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  • orangephoto
    Oct 12, 04:44 PM
    all political and humanitarian concerns aside.. I have been waiting for a red iPod since forever.

    Red is my fav color lol

    and the fact that it helps somebody is amazing. i dont care who it is. everyone deservs help. so everyone should stop complaining that men dont get it or whatever. shut up please


    and red. i mean omfg amazing.

    sorry if i sound stupid.

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  • tuna
    Apr 4, 11:45 AM
    Rent-a-cops have guns? And shoot people IN THE HEAD? I'm amazed.

    That said, this is pretty ******. Sure, the guy was a criminal lowlife, and he certainly deserved punishment, but I don't think he deserved to get killed. Oh well.

    I have wondered about this issue too. I think it depends on the state, when it is legal to use deadly force varies widely. Some states you are allowed to shoot someone to stop any "forcible felony". Other states you're only allowed to shoot someone if they have you cornered and you have substantial reason to fear for your life.

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  • bad03xtreme
    Apr 4, 12:41 PM
    What a bunch of winey gun-control people in here, the only down side was that the other two involved weren't shot and killed now they get to cost the tax payers more money in court which will be a hell of a lot more than the two the bullets would have cost. :rolleyes:

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  • Sydde
    Apr 11, 08:09 PM
    Is it emissions regulation or just plain laziness by the automakers?
    The more paranoid might suggest that oil companies are collaborating with auto makers and the government to keep efficiency as low as they can get away with. Remember, the record for fuel economy was set in the mid 70s in a slightly modified Opel: something like 237 miles on a gallon (US) of gasoline. Highly idealized conditions no doubt, but my goodness, the average automobile today should be at least a third of the way there.

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  • Canon 600D Rebel T3i

  • harry20larry
    Apr 11, 04:21 AM
    Been wanting this for a while. I have a windows PC just doing nothing, if I can turn it into an Airport Express like device, can have music going throughout the house.

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  • MrSmith
    Oct 27, 08:25 PM
    So all Greenpeace did was hand out leaflets in areas other than their stand? So they didn't smash up the Apple stand or invade Adobe chanting and shouting.

    They handed out leaflets and were ejected because no one's ever allowed to talk about the downsides of our throwaway consumer-trinket technojunk culture without being told to shut up.

    Heck, every trade show I ever go to has girls with their tits half hanging out wondering the halls handing out leaflets nowhere near their particular stand.

    Sad to see so many people now happy to have people's free speech stamped all over. No wonder Bush can dismantle the Bill of Rights and his lapdog Blair can swiftly remove centruries-old liberties with barely a whisper. I agree with Greenpeace's concerns. Vast toxic waste dumps with no proper processing are springing up across China.

    If some fat overfed Westerner's kids had to live and play near a site like that they'd be up in arms! But, no, let's pretend the problems are somehow 'made up' by 'subversives' and need stamping out with the jackboots.
    I didn't read every post, but the above nicely sums up my take on it. The reference to half-naked women at car shows is a stroke of genius. I mean, kids go to such shows. Greenpeace handing out leaflets, though, is an affront to mature businessmen.

    But Greenpeace aren't going to make a change at Apple. Only the consumers are going to do that. Not by forming a negative opinion about Apple's business practices/production methods but by not buying their products. Anyone here willing? Thought not. Me neither. Only the powers of the marketplace are going to force a powerful, important company to invest in change, and those powers need to be manifested as more than opinions.

    And sorry if this has been mentioned already, but in the picture on the GP site they're holding red apples, not green. Isn't that, like, stupid?

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  • SBacklin
    Apr 22, 09:27 AM
    when you are at home turn on your WIFI...

    why is this concept so hard to grasp?

    you are a different kind of user. 3 running copies at once?? you rely way too much on physical obviously this won't be for you.
    Ummm, what is so hard to grasp about using stuff when NOT AT HOME???? Why is being at home the focal point for you? Why do you assume that people and myself are only going to listen to music when at home? People do it away from home too. Also, I do use WiFi at home. I still have all my music and such stored locally. I have three running copies for one reason....HDD failure. Now, HDDs are inside the space available inside my PC tower so its like they're not even there. So you're right, this wouldn't be for me. Why should I have to pay AT&T more money just because Apple may potentially shake it all up. Nah way.

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  • DrDomVonDoom
    Apr 11, 02:27 AM
    I can only imagine Steve Jobs hunched over his desk like in 'Pirates of Silicon Valley" and screaming "YOUR STEALING FROM ME!!!!" lol.

    Otherwise awesome news.

    Apr 30, 02:42 PM
    I have had my iMac for about 9 months.. looks like it will be going on Craigslist next week!! ;)


    Hey, where are you located and what are the specs? I might be interested...

    Sep 12, 02:39 PM
    I've waited a year and a half or more for a larger iPod. My mac has almost 70GB of music and I hate manually changing out songs. I never went to the video 5G since the only difference was video with no larger drive... music only for me. If I was to upload album art for all of my imported music 17 thousand plus songs does that take up alot of storage room? Anyone know how much art adds to storage??:p

    Sep 26, 12:45 PM
    I'm sorry you feel that way. I could write the same exact story, but replace Cingular with Verizon (and vice versa), but I don't believe this sort of FUD is on topic..

    Agreed i am happy for Apple to pair up with a company that will get their product out to a large number of people. I have been a die hard user of Apple products since 1993 ( I am only 28) and I will be a user for as long as Apple is out there.

    I also know that everyone has the horror stories about cell providers, it is going to happen because there are bad customer service reps at all businesses, or CSRs that are having a bad day.

    I just hope that the launch of the iPhone when/if it comes will be a great success for Apple.


    Sep 5, 12:08 PM
    OOOOOooo! The possibilites, I am really looking forward to this! Lets hope MR finds some way to get live coverage!

    Sep 26, 09:56 AM
    I hear you. :eek: But, there are no Intel Inside stickers on the Intel Macs. Perhaps there is hope...

    whatz that?! ;) :D :p