Friday, May 20, 2011

Addiction Natural Veil Brush

Addiction Natural Veil Brush is the brand's companion for their Natural Veil powder (I have my eye on it for the future). I picked it because I love the pointed shape for a face brush: one of my favorite blush/powder brushes of all time is the Hakuhodo S103, and Addiction Natural Veil Brush  is basically the Kabuki version of it.

I use both of them for blush, since when I need a precise or localized application of powder I use a small brush (such as the classic Sue Devitt). A pointed, dense blush brush that's very directional and still super soft is a wonderful tool with just about any powder blush I know. It picks the appropriate amount of product and places it exactly where you want it without covering your face with unnecessary pigment. It's more precise than the large Yachio brushes, for better and for worse, so  if we're talking super intense blushes maybe a small Yachio would be more suitable- it's up to you and your preference.

When the brush is soft and pliable enough such as this one by addiction, you can easily use it for blending the brush. Just don't blend yourself (and the color) to sleep- it's too easy to get carried away when feeling it on skin. The short Kabuki handle is great when storage is scarce. I've learned that for travel I prefer brushes that go into my brush roll. If you're packing this (or other Kabuki brushes), I'd suggest finding a small pouch. This is really my only complaint. The brush is beyond fabulous, excellently made, as soft as can be and a great performer. I've had it for months and have yet to see it lose a single hair. But for the price, one would expect it to come in a super nice carrying bag or box.

Addiction Natural Veil Brush ( ¥7850) is available at Asian department stores and from